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Anne Frank tickets June 24

I'm looking at the website for Anne Frank tickets and I realize that you can only buy them 60 days before the date you want to visit. For me, that means that I can buy them on April 24. I'll need to set my alarm for 3 a.m. - I've been looking at tickets 60 days from today and they are sold out by 7 a.m. my time (maybe earlier).

The calendar (on the website) shows the days with a pink square when days are sold out.

Does anyone know why June 24 is already pink? (I hope that makes since.) It's the only date more than 60 days away that is showing sold out. Is the museum closed on that day for a special event? Will need to change my itinerary around if tickets on that day are not possible.

Thanks is advance!

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That I don't know but I do know they have a number of tickets available each day for offer in the morning. You may check the Anne Frank Website for more info on the specific date.

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Hi Lola - I just checked on my desktop (instead of my phone) and it's still showing pink.

I'm checking for a ticket + introductory program.

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I hope June 24 is not the only day you can visit. Do you want the house/museum only ticket (pretty easy to get) or the House + Introductory program ticket? (very hard to get). I've been "practicing" getting on the site at 5am CST almost every day and navigating around in anticipation of purchasing mine on April 15. I have been looking at the ticket + introductory program. They do not usually become live (white calendar square with a dark date, not gray) at exactly 12 noon Amsterdam time. Looks to me like they turn the house only tickets on first. Then the house + intro several minutes after. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I kept checking over the course of several hours and the 60 days out Intro ticket date never came live. Later in the day it was completely pink. I emailed the museum and they said no programs were available that day (didn't give reason) so they did not activate that date but regular house only tickets were still available. After that, I noticed the 24th is already pinked out, so it looks like they marked it pink in advance so others would not be trying in vain all morning like I was.

And just a reminder- notify your credit card in advance so when you do get onto the site and get the tickets in your cart, your card will be accepted. If it is not, the cart will time out and you will need to start over and probably be out of luck getting one with the Intro. If you are only wanting the house and museum ticket (without the intro program) those are much easier to get. In fact, I just checked and as soon as May 13 plenty of those tickets are still available, but mostly in the evening.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Thanks - that is very helpful - I won't get up at 3 am for the June 24 tickets! I can go on the 25th or 26th, too. Good luck with getting your tickets and thanks again for your feedback.

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Hello, I am here in NL now and was able to buy my tickets online on the day of.
They release 20% of the tickets for the day at 9am, but log on before then. The first time I attempted, I logged on at 9am and there were 1800 people ahead of me (this was for a Monday). I tried again Tuesday and logged on at 830am and there were only 650 people ahead of me. You stay on the website, it reloads and ~30min later, I was able to buy my tickets.
Good luck! And you have a 15min window to show up.