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Anne Frank tickets

We will be in Amsterdam in early October (Oct. 1-5). Does anybody have a firm answer as to when the on-line tickets will be made available for that 1st week in October? Is it 2 months out? 1 month out? When should I start looking? Thanks

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I doubt that anyone can give you a firm answer. Two months out sounds safe enough for October, but that guess is not based on much.

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Looking at the new booking system it looks like you can book for the next 2 full months (currently you can book up to July31) So I would think to book for the 1st week of October you would be able to book from August 1st

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The system is in flux because they just transferred to having pre-purchased tickets for most of the entries (you can still line up for general entry late in the day). So to be safe, I would check occasionally at 3-4 months out to be sure they don't suddenly expand the pre-purchase timeframe. But at 2 months, check daily.

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We have been trying every day since Mid-March to get a couple of tickets. We started 90 plus days before our schedule visit to Amsterdam - July 5-8, 2016. The web site has listed all the times etc, but continually shows all the days but that there are no tickets available. I even asked the hotel where we are staying if they could help - and was told this is the only museum in Amsterdam that does entry in this manner, and best of luck. It is a new system and I am sure it has bugs. Also, no doubt tour companies buy up tickets in advance. I am not sure how many tickets are ever available. Perhaps by October it will work for you. I would start looking at their website 90 days before your visit. It appears that they put up an entire month (July for instance) near the end to the month a couple earlier. In other words, July's tickets seem to be listed (not available) around March 30th. For us, we will pass on waiting a couple of hours in July to see it. Frankly, seeing the pictures in the RS tour book will have to be enough. Hate to say it but they could really learn from the Italians how to do this.

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Tom, you don't necessarily need to pass because you don't have a timed entry ticket. While lots of people will probably line up after 3:30 for entry, my bet is that by 7:00 or so, the line will have dwindled. I went at 18:45 last September; the line was long-ish, but manageable. When I emerged an hour later, the line was nearly non-existent, and the museum was still open until 22:00. My bet is that it will stay this way, even with the early timed tickets, because people are usually too antsy to see more tourist attractions in the evening. You should make an exception for this one, IMO.

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Tom, we were able to get tickets for the days you describe on April 30th. I also think that they are slowly opening up more time slots for those dates. Our times are at 9 am. Keep looking daily, first thing in the morning. Also make sure you are looking at the new version of their site.

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This morning, 5/14/16, I reserved Anne Frank for 7/14/16. Currently, tickets are not available for 7/15/16 or later. (7/15/16 shows up on the schedule, but if you click on it, it will show 0 tickets available). So they appear to be strictly following the two months in advance restriction. As of May 1st, you can't visit Anne Frank's House before 3:30 pm without online reservations. Not only that, but they changed their reservation system. My direct bookmark to the old reservation system appeared to keep working, but July reservations never became available. Fortunately, I figured out something was wrong and found the new reservation system from the main Anne Frank web page. So, to answer your question, tickets for October 1st should become available on August 1st in Amsterdam, which could be as early as July 31st at 3 pm PDT (6 pm EDT). But, as I have learned, reservation systems can change. So, I recommend periodically trying to book tickets via the main web page to see when tickets become available.

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Thanks folks. I guess I will start looking daily at the Anne frank web site starting in late July for our early October visit

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We are going to be in Amsterdam in early September, so I decided to watch the ticket system so that I could better understand it when tickets are available for our dates. It appears that SOME tickets become available for a date 60 days in advance. However, it also appears that they must hold some back and then release more a later date.

For example, when I looked Sunday afternoon (22nd) there were almost no tickets available ( a couple single tickets left) for any date, then on Monday (23rd) morning when I looked there were all sorts of tickets for the 23rd as well as for various other day in June and earlier July.

FYI- Tom, just now there are #6 tickets available for the 9-9:15 on July 7.

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Those interested in Anne Frank's story should also visit the Jewish Historical Museum, in the former German synagogue, to experience the centuries-old culture which was wiped away: The majestic Portuguese synagogue across the street is part of the museum.

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Does anyone know what time online tix for a particular day go on sale (eg 12:01 CEST which is 6:01 ET 60 days out)?


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I have been trying two or three times a day for more than a month. As of this morning (June 4, 2016) there are no tickets available for any day in July. I seriously clicked on every single day and not one of them has available tickets or they had a single. You currently (10:30 in Seattle) cannot buy tickets for August 3 or 4. I will keep trying but their system is horrid, especially if they sell to tour operators. They should hold back some for individuals.

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Cici - I have tickets for the Anne Frank House on June 13th. I started checking for tickets about 120 - 90 days outs. When the tickets finally became available for the date I wanted, I purchased them.