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Anne Frank Ticket with 30 min intro

Hi All, I will be in Amsterdam 9/21-9/25 (arriving in the afternoon). I originally went on the site too early and could not buy tickets. Then I forgot about it and then was without a home computer for all of last week. Now the regular tickets are sold out (or only have 1 available) for the entire time we are there. However, I then looked at the tickets with the 30 minute intro and it seems that those are only sold 2 weeks ahead of time. As of today they appear to be available for purchase through 8/21 only. Is this correct? Are there any other options for buying tickets ahead or tour companies to go through. It is some place I would really like to visit, but know I won't if I have to stand in line for a couple of hours.


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We bought our tickets more than 2 weeks out, but that was last summer. If you can get the 30 min intro I would totally get it - I wasn't sure if I wanted it but I was so happy we did it.

If you can get the tickets, esp. with intro, get them! The lines were nuts all day and night.


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I ran into the same problem a few weeks ago trying to purchase regular tickets. I found that they update the quantities every day, so after a few tries on different days, I was able to get the tickets.

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Thank you both. Yes, I just checked and there are now limited tickets available during the week. Now I have a new dilemma. Do I go ahead and purchase the tour only tickets (a bird in the hand......) or wait for tickets to go on sale with the 30 min intro, which sounds more interesting now that I've looked into it?

First world problems.