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anne frank online tickets

hi all,

I read the previous posts re the anne frank haus. I saw in the posts that online tickets can be bought months in advance.

but when I went to the website, I saw that ticket sales are open only up to august 7. is this right or did I go to the wrong website? we will be in Amsterdam the last week of august.


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thanks, laura.

I went to the your link and it is the same as what I used.

I think the difference is, in the website, I clicked on the 'buy 30 min introduction + museum' and the date was only until august 7. the price was 14 euros which I think includes the 9 euro entrance to the museum. what do you think?


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Olivia - there are two different ticket options. One includes just the house (offered every day), and the other (only offered for certain days on the website) includes the 30 minute introduction and the house.

The ticketing rules changed recently, and the website, finicky before, is now even more trouble. I was looking with a coworker for her trip. We looked every day, and it went right from not being available (long after it her dates were supposed to be available) to sold out.

I hope you have better results than she did.

BTW, my brother found out that the website processes the transaction through France (or at least, it did so last year). He had gotten his card approved for transactions in the Netherlands and Belgium, since he was going to those two countries, but his Anne Frank House ticket purchase was still rejected - he had to get France added to that list!

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I just went on-line and tickets are available until the end of September, but at every date and time there are 0 tickets available.

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The name is Anne Frank HUIS ! Haus is the German word for the Dutch word Huis , or English House. Cosidering what the A.F. Huis is all about , a German name for the huis/house is a bit ironic.

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Keep trying the website, though when I tried last year it was sold out a month in advance and I just missed getting a ticket online. The Anne Frank House was the longest line we waited in our entire Europe trip, two hours, longer than any line we encountered in Paris. Read the Diary again before going, it will really enhance the experience for you. If you go when it opens I heard the line was much shorter. We couldn't get there till 1pm. Wifi coverage kicks in when you are in line from about the 30 minute wait mark in so you can catch up on/look up stuff on your smart phone while you wait.

Even if you have to wait, I think the tour was worth it.

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If you go when it opens I heard the line was much shorter. We couldn't get there till 1pm.

FYI - You now must have a pre-purchased ticket to enter the house in the morning and early afternoon. General admission doesn't start until 3:30 PM. People have reported that evening lines are not so bad, but that was before the new system. I'd expect evening lines to be longer now that everyone that couldn't get a ticket online now must wait in line in the afternoon and early evening.

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I purchased our tickets for October 1st the other day with no trouble whatsoever
You just need to check periodically

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They are available exactly 2 months out. I just got tickets for October 3rd this past Wed. (Aug. 3rd). I was on-line every day for a week leading up to Aug. 3 and no tickets were available until 9:45 EST on Aug. 3. Hope this helps

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And I read elsewhere that the ticket with the intro tour goes on sale 14 days prior to your arrival date. I got the regular tickets online exactly 2 months (checked at 12 am Pacific time) prior to our arrival date.