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Anne Frank Museum and Van Gogh museums/museumkaart

We will be in Amsterdam for 4 days this summer before a Rhine River cruise. We plan to purchase a museumkaart when we arrive. Admission to Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh museum are included on this card, but is there anyway to prebook entry times for these museums prior to leaving the USA and enter the museums free with the museum karat, or do we have to buy museum tickets on line to be able to prebook times to visit? I am quite confused. Help!!

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The Anne Frank House recently changed its ticket system. Only timed entry tickets can be used between 9 am and 3:30 pm each day which you purchase online. At 3:30pm until closing, people may stand in line to visit without a timed entry ticket. Keep this new system in mind while planning.

I do not know how the museumkaart works for this, but I am sure that there is some system in place. If this museum is a top priority, I would simply pay the 9 euros each for a ticket and risk not getting paid back. Tickets seem to go quite quickly, but the system is so new, no one is really sure what is happening.

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I am in the same position as you.
I was able to pre-book a reservation for the Anne Frank House for .5 Euro per person (Scroll down to the Museumkaart option.)
I was also able to make a timed entry reservation as well for the Van Gogh museum for free (again scroll down to Museumkaart option when it comes to pay for the tickets.)

I will then buy my Museumkaarts when we get to Amsterdam.

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I just returned from my third trip in three years. I was able to pre-book a reservation for the Anne Frank House using the Museumkaart option and purchased the Museumkaart upon arriving Amsterdam. FYI - I purchased my Museumkaart from the Amsterdam Museum the moment I arrived - no lines or waiting at this particular museum - then went to my hotel. Later on in the week I went back to the Museum. Worked out great.

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Not directly on point, but I'll share a related thought. On a recent trip I did not purchase the Museumkaart, but found an easy way to purchase tickets to the Van Gogh museum. If you go to the entrance of the Van Gogh Museum without Museumkaart you will likely find a long line of people waiting to buy tickets to get in. If you go a couple blocks over to the Museumplein (between the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum), there is a small ticket booth next to a handful of food stands. That ticket booth sells advance tickets to a number of attractions (NOT the Anne Frank Haus however). We went to the ticket booth, did not wait in line at all, bought a ticket to enter the Van Gogh Museum at a preset time 15 minutes from when we purchased them, and then walked over to the Van Gogh Museum and walked right in. We saved probably more than an hour of waiting in line.

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I believe Van Gogh still has Fri night openings- we did that last June using Museumkaart and walked right in.

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HAUS is the German word for HUIS . Anne Frank HUIS ( Dutch word for house ), is the proper name . Considering the Anne Frank story , a German name for her old house does not sound quite right.

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Yes, the Van Gogh and Stedelijk museums are both opened on Fridays until 22:00.