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Anne Frank Huis tickets


We are visiting Amsterdam in May and we have been looking at AFH website for ticket information. The ticket availability on the website, however, seems to be quite random. So in case we are not able to book tickets online, we are planning to go and buy the tickets from the counter a day before, at the time of their closing so that we don't find a long queue. For example, if we are planning to visit AFH on Sunday, we will go and buy tickets from the counter on Saturday at closing time. Does that work? Do they sell tickets in advance?


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The only advanced tickets are sold online. You cannot go to the window and buy a ticket for the next day.

If you don't get online tickets, the best bet is to show up just over an hour before opening time. There will be a line already but it really grows significantly about an hour before opening. We did this, got there 1.25 hours before and were inside just after opening. That beats 2-3 hours waits during the daytime.

People have also reported shorter lines in the evening when they have later hours. You can also try that if you are willing to skip dinner or eat late.

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I have to say this, i have gone on websites for various sights all over europe, and the Anne Franks webiste is one of the least friendly or usable sites, each calender takes forever to load, and instead of saying " too early book" it just gives you blank calender, so you arent sure if its just sold out.

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It's not a great site, to be sure. But after studying it through most of the month of January, I noticed that tickets started to post up to a month in advance. For our time there from the 8th through the 10th of March, I tracked the ticket postings through the first week of February -- and sure enough, tickets posted on the 8th of February for the 8th of March, and I pounced.

I have no idea if this is typical or not. It's what worked for us. Otherwise, we were going to try showing up an hour early. I've heard that is a generally better strategy than trying to go late. But no doubt this will vary based on the time of year.

Good luck.

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Another option: the House is open late hours. I believe in May it's open until 2100. The line is significantly shorter after 1800. You could go in the early evening and afterwards head to one of the Jordaan's many fine restaurants nearby.

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I bought my tickets for Ann Frank House on Feb. 26th for use on June 13th. They charge a few extra dollars but we had a entry time and at the time they called us in. Worked like a charm.