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Anne Frank House without a timed entry ticket?

I have just today been able to finalize our plans for time in Amsterdam and unfortunately it appears there are no more Timed Entry Slots available for the dates we are there.

What would be our best option to avoid too much of a long long wait?
Plan to go in the evening- close to closing time?- last entry is 30 min before closing

6/12 Fri- open til 9 PM - arrive 7:30?
6/13 Sat- open til 10 PM - arrive 8:30?

Sat AM or Sun AM at opening times are possibilities but not our preferred time.

Which would be lesser of 2 evils?

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I don't consider visiting AF in the evening an evil, anything beats wasting 2 hours in a line. Head over an hour before closing time and you'll be able to go right in. It's the same experience day or night.

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I wouldn't get the last entry time, as you may well not want to rush through; allow at least an hour. Your proposed arrival times look good to me. And while you can get food in Amsterdam at all hours, the "standard" Dutch dinner time is earlier than further south in Europe. You won't have any trouble getting dinner at 6, so you can get to the Anne Frank House in time for your visit without rushing either the dinner or the visit.

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Perfect- thanks for the reassurance

The website states that more tickets might be released closer to dates- has anyone had experience/ luck with snagging tickets that late in the game?

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I am in Amsterdam right now and toured the Anne Frank House today without reserved tickets. I showed up the first time about 0830 this morning and there was already at least a 2 hour wait and it didn't open until 0900. Came back about 1730 and only had to wait about 25 minutes. Also, start checking on line reservations again starting about 2 weeks before. I discovered they sometimes release more reserved tickets within a week or two prior to the date. Between crowds and looking at the exhibits, I would plan a minimum of an hour. Definitely worth seeing!

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Albeit, I went in May, not June, but it was the height of tulip season and Amsterdam was fairly busy with tourists. I had made no attempt to get a timed entry ticket in advance. I showed up around 6:00PM and walked right in - zero line (unless you want to count the 2 ladies in front of me for the security guard stationed just inside the entrance looking inside people's purses and bags). It was a great time to go - you really got to slow down and look around and not feel like you were pushed along with the crowds. I spent about 2 hours there, but only because I was not in a rush to get somewhere else - if pressed for time, you could see it in an hour. I would not recommend spending just 30 minutes there unless you aren't planning to read any of the signs and you just want to walk through the rooms quickly.

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Thanks again for sharing your experiences- it doesn't seem so bad now!
I will be with my daughter- who has already seen Anne Frank House- she leaves Amsterdam Sun afternoon so I might just attempt the visit by myself Sun evening. If it's too too long I will simply save it for next time- I am sure husband and I will be in Amsterdam again.
I will also keep an eye on online availability week before.

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I think you'll be fine if you try to get in after dinner. During the day it's much more difficult as school classes often fill the timed slots and create long lines.