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Anne Frank House on a layover?

I have a 6.5 hour layover and I'm wondering if this is enough time to visit the Anne Frank House? I would love to be able to make a quick stop at the flower market TIA

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Some will say it’s too risky time-wise but it can be comfortably done. If your luggage is checked through to your final destination inside the EU so you will not be required to collect your luggage and go back through security— then, yes—- you should be able to visit the Anne Frank House with a timed ticket reservation. The train station from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal Train Station is directly beneath the Airport and the train takes 14-18 minutes. You can buy your train ticket from one of the ticket machines with a credit card in the airport terminal just before descending to the train track platform. Once at Amsterdam Centraal Station, you can walk just outside to catch TRAM 17 that will take 9 minutes to arrive at WESTERMARKT which is just steps from the Anne Frank House. The lines for entering the museum can be daunting, so plan on lining up 30 minutes before your reserved admission time.
Just a 3-minute walk from the Anne Frank Huis (House) you can grab a bite to eat at a canal-side Brown cafe called “Cafe t’ Smalle” located in a centuries-old brick building.
The only place to pre-purchase your Anne Frank House online ticket is at
Have a great Trip!

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This question is impossible to answer without knowing where you’ll fly from, where you’ll fly to, at what time, at what day, whether or not your luggage is checked thru etc. etc. etc.

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…and of course whether there will be strikes that day, or asteroids strike the earth!

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You'll have to get an advance reservation; we're going in a few weeks, and the day and time that we wanted was sold out in less than 5 minutes (we did get a later time though). My brother bought our tickets, so I don't know how far in advance they're sold (6 weeks, I think).

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday mornings; you'll need to go on and find out when to look for tickets, but make sure to be online the minute the sale opens on that Tuesday morning, or else you won't get the time that you need.

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I have a 6.5 hour layover

Assuming your inbound flight is on time.

And all the issues Dutch-Traveler mentions could impact ( favorably or unfavorably) how much time you really have

I'm wondering if this is enough time to visit the Anne Frank House?

Maybe. Depends on a lot of unknown variables

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As others have mentioned, you much purchase your tickets at the exact time the ticket sale open. It is the month before you travel, I think the first week, forgot the day.

Also, a taxi from the airport to the AF House would run about $50 each way.

Further, you would need to be back at the airport to go through security, immigration, etc. 3 hours prior to your next flight.

Don't do it..

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Postscript: Kindly note that Schiphol Airport’s official website states that a FIVE-hour (5-hour) layover is sufficient time now to take the train to Amsterdam Centraal Station and briefly visit the city before returning to Schiphol to fly onward within the European Schengen Zone. The Schiphol official website further says if your intra-European onward flight is part of the same ticket as your flight that arrived at Schiphol, you only need to allow TWO hours upon your return to Schiphol to get through security and passport control for intra-European flights when you already have your boarding pass and you have luggage checked through to your final European destination.

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…and of course whether there will be strikes that day, or asteroids strike the earth!

There was no call for @Kenko to try to be caustic. Other people, including @dutch traveller were trying to be genuinely helpful.

Rather than trying to shout at us as @Kenko was in his 3rd post to try to prove his point, it would have been better to post the correct airport website by means of spelling the airport name correctly.
The correct website is

If this is a layover to a final European destination then, if the inbound flight is very close to being on time, and Anne Frank tickets have been secured for 1 or 1 1/2 hours after landing time then in principle it works. I'm not sure which event is the least likely to happen- even if tickets are obtained for the exact right time- then the flight still has to be on time.

Whether the plan works in principle or not I don't think I would commit to spending the money for the Anne Frank tickets depending on such optimal events, especially if flight 1 was long haul.

What I am saying is that I would play it by ear. Yes, if the 1st flight was on time, maybe go into the city but not to a place where I have pre-booked and committed money. Also, ethically, if I don't make it due to my blind self confidence and self importance, I have prevented someone else from going to Anne Frank. But I would go to somewhere free or which I don't have to prebook in the city- like the flower market.

If it is a long haul destination flight, then the need to be back 3 hours before departure makes the timings very optimal indeed.