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Anne Frank House museum - new ticket rules from May 1st (advance reservation required up to 3.30PM)

This is a PSA, since many people here want to visit the Anne Frank House museum.

From May 1st, you will need to book a time slot for you visit, buying a ticket online in advance. The rule applies to visits up to 15:30. There is a 30-min window for you to enter the museum, but no limitation on how much time you can spend inside. After 15:30, people will be allowed to queue up and buy tickets at the window.

The measure intends to curb the long lines and improve visitor experience.

More info here:

I'm happy with this new system, I think it is the future for all busy museums, nothing is more wasteful while traveling than standing on long lines to gain admission to museums, monuments etc.

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This is an excellent idea. Standing in line for 4 hours for a 90 minute visit was ridiculous. I visited at night, which still might seem like a better way to visit-smaller crowd and therefore able to look at the captioning better.

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Hopefully they improve the website experience though. Many people here have reported that it is difficult to get reservations for their preferred day and have to keep trying and trying.

A lot of sites and museums are moving towards the timed entry ticket. I think it is the future of travel and in some ways is very good (limiting long lines and wasted time) and in some ways not good at all (eliminating the chance for people to see sites if they haven't bought a ticket and eliminating any on-the-fly travel). And a lot of people will not know about these sites with timed entry tickets only and will find themselves very disappointed.

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They changed the layout of the website.

Until now, they didn't put all the inventory of tickets online exactly because of the competing physical line at the museum. Now, all the tickets up to 3.30PM will be sold only in advance. People who want to queue up can do so - after 3:30PM. So there are many more tickets available than before for advance purchase. They are also capping maximum number of admissions a little lower than current maximum flows to improve visitor experience, or so they told...

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We will be visiting in late June and have already purchased our tickets! Think this is a great idea.

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I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have been checking the site 3x daily for weeks, and there have never been any tickets available for July 1. Now I see tickets available for later in July. The calendar changed completely a couple of days ago. This has been so frustrating. Any advice?

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We will be in Amsterdam Oct.2 & 3, 2016. Does anybody know the earliest these tickets will go on sale? Is it 2 months before/ 2/1/2 months? I can't seem to figure this out. Please help!!!

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Now is far too early for October tickets. Check again this summer approximately 3 months out.

For future reference, please start your own thread when you have a separate question so the original poster doesn't get notified with replies to your question.

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Two years ago I had advanced tickets to visit the museum for mid morning. The line was very short {end of June). When we left, the line had to be a half mile long! It went on forever! I think this is a good idea but I wonder how many without advanced planning will stand in line waiting to get in after 15:30? Until all travelers know about buying tickets in advance, lines will continue but hopefully not as bad as in the past.

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Tickets for the morning time slots in July were available 6am on April 30th. I think they are still "tweaking" the system so I don't know that you can count on this timing for Oct.