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Anne Frank House

When I realized I would be in Amsterdam in early Late September early October, I tried to make reservations for Anne Frank house...booked until October 5.
Any other suggestions to obtain tickets?

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Sometimes they will release a few tickets a day or two before the date you desire, but they are gone almost immediately.Keep checking the website. Next best solution is to try and determine when there might be fewer crowds. We were told first thing in the morning or very late in the afternoon. Our wait was about 45 minutes and it was totally worth it. One of Amsterdam's highlights. Good luck!

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I was unable to get tickets when I was in Amsterdam in May. First, check back on the website a few times before you go. I noticed tickets that were not previously available become available the closer it go to my preferred dates. You can get in any time without a ticket if you are willing to wait in line. I arrived about an hour before opening (9:00 a.m.) and the line was already 2-2 1/2 hours long. I came back about 5:00 p.m. and the line was only about 20 minutes. Also, the Anne Frank House is open until 9:00 p.m. so you could try later in the evening as well. Good luck!

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On an August weekday, you could arrive about 7:30 AM and be inside just after they opened at 9:00. That is a little over an hour wait, far better than during the daytime. But by 8:00, the line had indeed grown considerably.

The next best option is to wait in line in the evening when they are apparently shorter (not confirmed directly myself).

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I let it go too late for my trip this past June and was not able to get tickets- checked every day in the 2 weeks leading up to date for any tickets- never saw any. I was not able to get there for opening- which would be shortest wait I think but I did walk by about 7 PM- the line was very very long and again just past 8- still very long. I'd guess in the 2 hour range. I'll be back in Amsterdam next June so will be sure to book tickets in advance next time!

I did go to the Dutch Resistance Museum- obviously not the Anne Frank House-- but a very informative and well done museum.
I spent about 2 hours there. Learned a lot- just a suggestion as a substitute in a way.

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We went in July a couple years ago and were unable to get tickets in advance. We got there 1st thing in the morning and got right in. Probably helped that it was pouring rain. Go early, especially if weather is lousy. Well worth it!

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Last year we were visiting Amsterdam the same time of the year that you will be visiting. I also checked the website which indicated all tickets wee unavailable. When we arrived in Amsterdam I mentioned this to the hostess at our B & B. She suggested that we go by the ticket office late in the day as the Anne Frank House stays open until 9:00 PM. We went out to dinner and then strolled by a little after 7:00. Their was a very short line and we were able to purchase tickets.

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I went in May during peak tulip viewing season, so the city was pretty full. I did not get a timed ticket in advance. I showed up my very first evening in the city at 6:00PM and found absolutely no line whatsoever - walked right up to the ticket window to show my Museumkaart and then stepped directly over to the security checkpoint to open up my purse for the guard. It was a great visit. I had plenty of time to really look at everything and read the descriptions. I did not feel in the least like I was getting pushed along with the crowd (like trying to see some of the more famous Rembrandt or Vermeer paintings at The Rijks).

I was staying in a hotel not far from the Anne Frank House and I did walk past there several other times during the morning and mid day and saw long lines at those times.

You can get through the entire place in about 90 minutes, so if you cannot get a timed ticket I would highly suggest going in the evening and at least doing a walk by to see what the line looks like. Even if you aren't staying at a hotel nearby, it's not a total waste of time if you can't get in - the neighborhood is a nice place to stroll in the evening and there are several good restaurants and brown cafes not far from there if you are looking for a place to eat or drink.

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Just FYI in August, in the evening, there was still about a 2+ hour wait when we walked by... other season might be better at night but not summer (I know you are going in August, but just in case anyone reading is going in summer).


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I left the Anne Frank House at 1945 last Friday night. The line was considerably shorter than when I went in for my reserved ticket at 1840. It does stay open late (2100, I believe), and does not take long to go through, so maybe go right before/after dinner? It's worth seeing, for sure.