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Anne Frank Haus

We are looking to get tickets for Anne Frank Haus. I know I can do it online two months out. Does that mean at 12:01am the tickets are available or would it be available at museum open time ? Thanks!

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It's actually huis; haus is German and offensive, all things considered. I was also at the ready exactly 2 months out but it seemed like there was a one day delay, so just check until your desired date shows the tickets available in various time slots. I just toured it last week and it was quite a moving experience. I also highly recommend a visit to the Dutch Resistance museum, very well presented.

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They told me exactly two months in advance between 8 and 10 a.m. Amsterdam time. If you are on the West Coast, that window would open at 11 p.m. the night before.

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Christa is correct. We tried logging on at midnight on the day tickets go on sale which would be 9 am Amsterdam time for the day we wanted and tickets weren't available yet. We gave up and tried again in the late morning after we woke up and was able to get the tickets. We were just there yesterday and having a reserved time is nice. You get an audio guide so bring earbuds so you don't have to keep it close to your ear to listen. If you want to get Dutch pancakes there's a great place right down the same street ( Prinsengracht) called Pancake Bakery. I would give it at least 2 hours before your allotted time or wait until after because the wait can be lengthy as it's very popular. Worth the wait though.

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Thanks for the advice and proper spelling. I am sure I will constantly be sticking my foot in my mouth and saying or spelling the wrong thing. I now have an alarm to go off at 8am Amsterdam time to get my tickets and I think we'll try the Pancake Bakery after our visit and before we head to Van Gogh Museum.