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Ann Frank House: Where to buy tickets on-line

I tried but all the links sell tours of $43 or more. I just want to reserve and purchase my tickets for June now. Where can I do that? Thank you

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In looking at the official Anne site, under "online tickets" it shows no online tickets available until the end of July. Tickets are sold at the door, though, so your best bet might be to be there when the museum opens or go later in the afternoon when crowds die down. This is a really popular spot. We were there in September of 2013 and had tickets for around 9:30, I believe, and there wasn't much of a line when we entered but quite a long when we left a couple of hours later.

The tickets are around 9 euro each, and I can't imagine what a tour would include to warrant charging 43 euro.

Hope you do go; it is a very moving experience.

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Yes, we have read that you can go anyway and we will plan on going late in the day to avoid the long lines. I don't want to miss it. Thank you. I was just so surprised that no tickets were left on line.

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I was at Anne Frank house about 2 weeks ago. We had 9:30 online tickets. The line at 9 AM was at least 200 yards long then and later in the day-late afternoon about 100 yards long. So I would count on a wait but is worth it. I dont know anything about tours. With the on line tickets we got a pre visit lecture for about 30 minutes which was very informative. We were there on a Sunday which might make a difference.

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we are in Amsterdam at the moment and have walked past the area a few times on different days and times, the line up outside was very long , perhaps 200 yards/metres. we did not even entertain the idea, so I am not sure how long people were waiting. the weather here has been cold, rainy and very windy at times.
Similarly, the other day in soaking rain, there was a huge crowd outside the van gough museum, getting wet. while we would have liked to go, we didn't.
unless you had some guarantee of getting in quickly, by buying online tickets, I really can't believe people queue like they do?

I hope this doesn't spoil your ideas.