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android phone

Will my Android phone work in NL ? If not I'll use it as my camera and buy a cheap flip phone and NL sim card . The Android/camera still needs recharging so with an adapter to NL outlets , can it safely be charged on 220 volts outlets ?
I'd appreciate any help .

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You have to talk to your cellular phone service provider about whether you can use the phone to make and receive calls outside of the USA.

Most or all phones will work on 220 volts. You can confim this. Get a magnifying glass. Look at the fine print on the adaptor. It will read something like 110~220 volts. The adaptor plugs into the wall. The rectangular USB end of the power cord plugs into the adaptor. The other end plugs into the phone. Try buying a USB adaptor - not the more common non-USB plug adaptors - with prongs that fit the electrical outlets in the Netherlands / northern Europe. If you buy one, you should unplug your USA adaptor from your power cable, attach the USB end of the cord to the Netherlands USB adaptor, and leave your USA adapter at home.

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Any phone will work on WiFi, but if your regular carrier has expensive roaming fees, be sure to put the phone in airplane mode then turn on WiFi, so you won't incur extra charges.

It will probably work as a "regular phone" too not just on WiFi. What make/model is it? Did you get it directly from a carrier (which one?). Sometimes a phone will work but only pick up slow 2G "edge" data frequencies, if it's say an old phone.

If you want to buy a SIM for your smart phone in Amsterdam, you can as long as the phone is unlocked.

I'd think every modern Android charger is dual voltage 110/220v - all of mine have been. If you aren't sure, check the fine print on the adapter (the specs). If so, all you need is a simple plug adapter for it - costs about $1. (maybe even from the Rick Steves store.)