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Amsterdam Weather in August

Is the weather in Amsterdam pretty much the same for July and August? Thanks

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I think it is about the same but the Western Marine Climate is hard to predict. I've been in May around Mother's Day and it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit and heard later that that was the best weather for the WHOLE summer which was too cool for the season with lots of rain !

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You can check out day-by-day, historical weather statistics going back at least ten years on I'd go back at least three years; five would be better. That will give you a much better idea of the range you might experience than just looking at monthly averages.

A quick glance at July 2019 showed a lot of days with highs of only 63 or 64, but there were three days with highs in the upper 90s. The latter is unusual, but that sort of "unusual" weather just isn't as unusual as it used to be.

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These weather questions are asked in almost all travel fora and multiple times.

To start with the question: weather in August is mostly the same as is July but it is getting dark a bit sooner in the evenings and the highest temperatures are a bit later during the day.

However the weather in the Netherlands is very hard to predict more than a few days in advance. Yes it won't be snowing or freezing but anything else is possible. Temperatures between 57 en 103 F are possible. It can rain for days almost continuously or you will see only some small rain showers or it can even be completely sunny for two weeks.
Everything above are the extremes. More likely for a two week stay are temperatures between 64 and 82F. Some days will be clouded with rain showers that last a few hours, some days are sunny with a blue sky and most days can be expected to partly clouded.

The best thing to do is to check forecasts the day before you travel and always bring shoes for sunny and rainy weather, clothing in multiple layers and don't forget a coat. Open shoes, shorts and t shirt are perfect for those warm sunny days but don't let the weather surprise you, the next day you might end up wearing jeans and a coat.

Also be flexible in your planning. Only the Anne Frank house and need pre booking months ahead, it's best to let anything else be decided by the weather to make the most out of your stay.

Enjoy your stay


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I just looked at my photos from August a few years ago. We wore short or long sleeved shirts, windbreakers some of the time, long pants. It was lovely weather the whole week we were there.

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I was in there in July 2019 for 8 nights. It rained at least twice. Once was light like a mist, the other time was just more than midway in severity between the heaviest possible rain and a light mist. I only had a sun hat. I should have had a rain poncho or light rain repelling jacket. I vaguely remember evening temperature predictions being not lower than 57, afternoon temperature predictions not higher than 82. I may have carried a polyester fleece long sleeved shirt with me. I wore typical travel clothes for me - nylon hiking pants, lightweight long-sleeved shirts, sun hat. I should have brought shoes that were more water resistent.

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Looking at our photos from two years ago August, we wore both long and short sleeves and sometimes wore our rain jackets as windbreakers.

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Today in The Hague - about 60km from Amsterdam - the temp is 31'C (about 88' F) and this undoubtedly will be the hottest week of the year. But in a couple of days, the temps will drop to about 22'C (72F'), which has been more the norm this summer (We've had a very "pleasant summer" until this week!).