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Amsterdam walking tours

Last June I took a superb walking tour led by Ben de Jong of History Walks. This walk focused on the Jewish experience during the German occupation. de Jong is a retired history professor from a local university and his leadership was enlightening and a bit somber (how could it be otherwise?).

The city looks different once he points out that the park where you now see children playing is where the first Jews of the occupation were rounded up and sent to an extermination camp. The lovely single-house over yonder that is now a charming B&B was home to collaborators or to a Jewish family. Where you're standing now once stood a Jewish orphanage which the fascists so thoughtfully razed. And Dam Square, so popular today for public drunkenness among tourists, is where German snipers, just before exiting the city in front of the Canadian advance, opened fire on civilians celebrating an end to their national nightmare.

30 euros for a great experience.

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Fast Eddie - thanks so much for this info! We previously enjoyed ThatDamGuide so much that we knew we would love another information filled walking tour. We are heading back to Amsterdam and will certainly add this tour to our list.