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Amsterdam tram-bus card.


Looking for someone that has recently used a multi-day transportation card in Amsterdam.
Which card?
Looking for transport only.

thank you for any info.

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Which card depends on where you plan to go. There is one that just covers the city area (GVB) and a different more expensive one that covers that plus regional transport. Also the Iamamsterdamcity card has both museum admissions and public transport.

Like any similar card, it depends on how much you'll use it. A ticket good for 1 hour is 3.20 euros while the all day GVB pass is 7.50. So if you plan on 3 or more rides that day the pass is the cheaper option.

Last summer we used day passes on two different days while touring Amsterdam then bought individual regional tickets to go out to the zaanse schans windmills.

You need to say where you want to travel.

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thank you
traveling only in the city and in from the airport.
transportation only

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I just checked the prices and the GVB day pass is 8 Euros this year. Guess it went up from our trip last summer. It covers " all GVB trams, (night) buses and metros in Amsterdam, Diemen, Duivendrecht, Amstelveen, Schiphol and Weesp."

And it can't be said enough times, while in Amsterdam stay out of the bike lanes unless you enjoy playing chicken with kamikaze bicyclists who hate tourists.