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Amsterdam to Zurich Travel Plans

Hi. I am planning a trip in July 2016 to go to Europe for the first time. I have narrowed down my destination to begin my trip in Amsterdam and then end in Zurch. I will probably have about 14 days. I determined this travel route because I think travelling along the Rhine River would be wonderful, however I do not want to take a cruise. Are there ways to travel on the river for day trips or transportation in between cities? Any recommendations of where to vist and how to get between cities would be wonderful?!

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Have a look at the possibility of a river trip between Koblenz and Mainz. It's generally regarded to be the most attractive part of the Rhine.
Although not the Rhine in the strict sense of the word (as a result of all the Dutch efforts to regulate the river, it ends as a sorry stream in Katwijk), you can have some experience of the Rhine Delta as a busy working place to take the so-called Waterbus from Rotterdam to Dordrecht (have a look at and the schedule can be found by using the Dutch public transport planner Dordrecht is a much overlooked historical city in the middle of it all, and well worth an evening and a night.
A next stop in the Netherlands could be Arnhem, situated on the river, close to the German border. The train will bring you there in some 2 hours.

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The Rhine has passenger rail lines on both sides of the river through the better part of Germany, so getting around is no problem. Besides taking a cruise in the gorger area (between Koblenz and Mainz), suggest cities of Cologne, Strasbourg, Colmar, Basel.