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Amsterdam to Paris Trains

I am booking train travel between Amsterdam and Paris. There is an option that would work best for my schedule, but it requires I leave from the Zuid station and have a five minute connection in the Amsterdam Schiapol airport before hopping on the Thalys to Paris. 1. Is a five minute connection with luggage possible and 2. Can I just skip that Zuid train and board the Thalys directly at the airport?

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Where/why did you get this schedule? Unless there a construction issue on your particular travel date, then Thalys departs from Amsterdam Centraal station and stops next at Schiphol airport. You can plan to board at either stop.

Are you staying near Zuid station? In that case, there should be service about every 5 minutes between Amsterdam Zuid and Schiphol, so choose an earlier departure on that leg. You don't want to miss the reserved Thalys train.

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Where are you getting this routing? There is a Thalys train direct from Amsterdam Centraal at 17 past the hour starting at 6:17 to 19:17 with 3 exceptions. No trains at 10:17, 12:17. or 15:17.

Is Amsterdam Zuid station close to your location in Amsterdam? What is the date you want to travel?

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If a connecting train from Amsterdam Zuid and Schiphol fits your location in Amsterdam, take one which gives you at least a 15-minute time to change trains. Chances are you only have to go from one side of the platform to the other, but at an unfamiliar railway station it is always sensible to allow ample time to orientate yourself. Your ticket is valid on all trains between Amsterdam Zuid and Schiphol.

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I recently bought my Thalys ticket from Amsterdam Schiphol to Paris Gare du Nord for €35. Thalys trains leave several times per day at that price if you buy far enough ahead of time.

What website are you using that doesn't provide this direct option?

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dont use, but instead. They are the actual operator (for the first part of the journey) and not a reseller. You can choose any station in Amsterdam (or even the Netherlands) for your departure. Just choose the one nearest to you. You can take any train to the departure station of Thalys, not only the one you see during the booking. So if you want some more time at Schiphol, just take an earlier train (using the same ticket).

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dont use, but

Agree, never use RailEurope.

On the above Dutch website, where do you put your seat preference? I don't see it.

On the Thalys website, you can give them your preference for aisle or window. If there are two of you, you can select your preference for sitting next to each other or across a table from each other. Unfortunately, you can't select your seats nor can you know the direction the train is going like you can on the DB but it's better than nothing which is why I wonder if the Dutch website gives passengers any options at all regarding seat preference.

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1) If you want to depart from Schiphol then request the ticket from that start point, not from Amsterdam. (Rail Europe recognizes "Amsterdam Airport" while uses "Schiphol" on its pull-down options.)

2) If your flight were significantly delayed, causing you to miss the reserved train, then you'd have to buy a new ticket in the station.

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Everyone is right -
you can catch the Thalys at Schipohl.
Thalys trains DO have a stop at Zuid station but you don't really need to worry about that because you can catch Thalys at Schipohl.
Everyone is comfortable with different websites.
The Netherlands website is excellent, thorough and user friendly.
However, on a recent trip we used Rail Europe and had NO problems.
Use the site that best fits your needs.