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Amsterdam to Keukenhof to Leiden to Delft

I need some help with some logistics. Two of us are traveling to Amsterdam for 5 days (May 4-8) we are planning to spend one night in Delft. Is it possible for us to leave Amsterdam in the a.m. see Keukenhof, then train or bus to Leiden spend some time there, then train/bus to Delft in the evening? Do I have enough time to see Keukenhof & Leiden? Or am I bitting off more than I can chew?

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It is possible but don't know if you like exercise and want to be carrying baggage.
Everything is pretty close by but the transportation from Keukenhof to Leiden is tricky
There is a bus Line 250 from Keukenhof to Leiden takes 35 minutes but it leaves every 4 hours.
And there is a train from Leiden to Delft takes 20 minutes.

It may be dark by then I don't know how you feel about that.

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First of all, these are all great destinations, but I think what you're proposing is too much of a rush. Can you cut one day off of your Amsterdam stay so that you can give Leiden and Delft a little more breathing room? That's my suggestion.

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Yes, we will have our luggage with us, backpacks. Do you know if Keukenhof has a place to stow luggage?

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A whole day is enough to enjoy the Keukenhof and the best parts of Leiden. There is a frequent bus service from the Keukenhof to the station Leiden Centraal. Check at this public transport planner. Leiden Centraal has lockers. I don't know about size or price. Leiden to Delft is a 20-minutes train ride, 4 times per hour.
But why all that trouble with your luggage? Make it a day trip from Amsterdam. As you see: distances are short and transport is frequent (the train from Leiden back to Amsterdam takes 35 mins).

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Also note that on May 4th, the Netherlands commemorates the victims of war. There will be two minutes of silence (nationwide) at 8pm.

On May 5th, we celebrate the fact that we were liberated. The latter is considered a national hodiday, so just double-check that everything you wish to visit is open that day. Mass transportation may function like in the weekends.

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