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Amsterdam to Hague

I will be in Amsterdam about four hours before tour begins. Will be staying very close to Anne Frank Museum. Will I have enough time to take train to and from Hague within the 4 hours. Believe train takes one hour each way which would give me less than two hours. Also, notice seniors get discount. Anyone know amount of discount?

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I did Amsterdam to Hague in September but not in 4 hours. You say "before tour begins": if nothing unpleasant happens if you miss start of tour, then try it; if you have to make the start of the tour, then don't. The problem is getting to train station, waiting for train, and then same thing on way back.

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I'd never do it. with such little time. Just because the train takes only an hour each way doesn't mean the trains will be timed perfectly. In Amsterdam, you have to get to the central station first. That's a walk from the Anne Frank House, not just across the street. And from the train station in the Hague, you need to take a tram or walk into the parts of town you'll want to see.

I'd guess you might have an hour in The Hague, tops. Not worth it! (And sorry to say, but I didn't exactly care for it that much. But it was worth seeing for sure, just not for that kind of effort!)

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And that stressfull hour in The Hague costs you some EUR 25 for the train tickets. No discount for seniors.

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Thank you all for your reply. I know you’re right, I tried every which way to convince myself that I could do it , but you convinced me there’s not enough time. Thank you.