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Amsterdam to Haarlem

We're joining a RS tour in Haarlem, flying into Amsterdam, with two days in Amsterdam prior to start of tour. Advice, please, on train travel from Amsterdam to Haarlem. Thanks

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There is a bus at the airport that will take you directly to Haarlem. It is very reasonable and quick.

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Thanks so much. Now, does anyone have experience staying at the Hotel Nadia in Amsterdam? Thanks again.

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It's frequent and fast (only 12 miles or so)

Go to Google Maps, Directions, then Amsterdam to Haarlem (you can use exact addresses if you have them).
Then click on the bus symbol. This gives possible routes, e.g.,

Suggested routes
15 mins
Train Intercity
5:27am - 5:42am
15 mins
Train Intercity
5:57am - 6:12am
18 mins
Train Sprinter
6:05am - 6:23am
15 mins
Train Intercity
6:12am - 6:27am
Transit directions to Haarlem, The Netherlands

Pick the route that you like, and more details are provided:

The Netherlands
Amsterdam Centraal (Platform 4a)
Train Intercity Train towards Den Haag Centraal
5:27am - 5:42am (15 mins, 2 stops)

There's an excellent and integrated train/bus/tram system, best used w/ a chipkaart if you're going to be around for a while. Go to Tripadvisor for more clues on getting around.

happy travels!

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Thanks so much to you who have responded. I thank you for your detailed assistance.

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More train details can be found here:

The bus to Harlemm is only useful if going directly from the airport, not if you are staying in Amsterdam.

Enjoy the trip!

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From Amsterdam Central Station by train to Haarlem takes 20 minutes, 6 trains run per hour, costs €3.80 one-way, €7.60 same-day round-trip. You can see train schedules at (no need to buy a ticket before you leave the US). As someone said, buses run from the airport to Haarlem. Here is what Rick says about arriving in Haarlem:

Arrival in Haarlem
By Train: Lockers are available at the station at the very end of platform 3a (€3.70/day, no coins--use a credit card or buy a “Chipknip” prepaid debit card at a ticket window). Two parallel streets flank the train station (Kruisweg and Jansweg). Head up either street, and you’ll reach the town square and church within 10 minutes. If you need help, ask a local person to point you toward Grote Markt (Market Square). If you’re arriving by train from Amsterdam, see the end of this chapter for a description of sights you’ll see out the train window along the way.
By Bus: Buses from Schiphol Airport stop both in the center (Centrum/Verwulft stop, a short walk from Grote Markt) and at the train station.
By Car: Parking is expensive on the streets (€2.70/hour). It’s cheaper (€1/30 minutes; €2.50 overnight--19:00-8:00) in these central garages: at the train station, at the southern end of Gedempte Oude Gracht (the main thoroughfare), near the recommended Die Raeckse Hotel, and near the Frans Hals Museum. The most central garage, near the Teylers Museum, is pricier (€1.50 every 40 minutes--essentially, €2.75/hour).

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From Amsterdam central station you can take a train to Haarlem easily. It takes 20 minutes and they run almost every 10 minutes. It costs 3.8 euros. From the station in Haarlem you could easily walk to your hotel. Also, you should receive hotel directions with your tour information that will help explain all the options for reaching your first hotel. Check your tour account to see if the hotel directions are there. If not feel free to email the tour department.