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Amsterdam to Frankfurt by train, with quick stop in Belgium

When we leave Amsterdam, we will be stopping for a few hours (literally 1-3) in Belgium, to visit the Ardennes American Military Cemetery in Neupre, and then heading on to Frankfurt. Any opinions on the best/easiest/cheapest train route to take?
From my limited research, the nearest big city is Liege. It looks like a bus goes to Neupre several times a day. Anyone know how far a walk it would then be to the cemetery and, are there lockers at the train station to temporarily store our luggage? All help appreciated!

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I've been to Liege twice. That is a big train station stop. There are lockers there.
There is a tourist info center at the train station; the personnel speak English and will clarify the bus to the cemetery tourist site.

This is the site to use for train tickets to Liege

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One way to perform a reasonableness test is Google Maps. This mentions a #94 bus which takes almost an hour to get to Neupre. Your original proposal is a little like saying you are going from Boston to Philadelphia, with three hours in New Haven to see Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan. It doesn't make a lot of sense in real life.

Have you been to Europe before? Have you used the trains before? Do you make multi-seat public transportation trips at home? Europe does tend to have better public transportation than the US (are you coming from the US?) but just like here, it doesn't serve every local need. Now, when I put the cemetery into Google Maps, it suggests that the 94 might stop 1000 feet from the cemetery. But you have to download and translate a bus timetable, learn ticket purchase rules, and check for public holidays. I would allow an entire day for this project. It's not sensible to think of 1-3 hours.

The Liege train station is a magnificent landmark by Calatrava. But Liege is a gritty post-industrial city. Your trains might go through Aachen and Cologne, two really neat cities. If you have a family reason to visit this cemetery, you need to allocate a lot of time and effort.