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Amsterdam - staying at a rental "canal boathouse"?

I normally follow the sleeping/lodging suggestions from RS guidebooks, which have always be great; but due to the unique opportunity want to investigate the stay at a "houseboat" on a canal while in Amsterdam for 2 nights this coming June. If you have stayed at one or heard from someone who has, can you please give me some input? Thanks.

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My friend did this in November this year and loved it. She said the family had the main part of the boat and she and her husband had a bedroom (not sure what went on with the bath).

They have a sailboat so sleeping on boats and small places is something they love.

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We've been to Amsterdam twice and rented houseboats both times. Each was anchored to the side of a canal, so there was no real sensation of movement. We LOVED both stays and felt the experience gave us a rather unique Amsterdam experience. We stayed four nights our first trip and a week last year and would wholeheartedly recommend it. If you'd like particulars, message me, and I'll be happy to give you specifics. Diane

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We rented a house/canal boat our last trip there via Air BnB. Living-wise it was similar to an apartment. The streetside location was nice with no narrow multi-story stairways to navigate coming and going (there was one short ladder inside). Noise from the street wasn't the issue I thought it might be. And, as pointed out its a unique experiencee.

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We rented the same houseboat through Citymundo twice and just loved it. The particular one is not available often and so we were nt able to get it on other trips where we rented either canal houses or apartments . A lot of those available are a room on a shared boat; we much prefer to have the whole thing to ourselves.

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Would appreciate help in making a decision whether or not to rent a houseboat for our Amsterdam stay. Specifically, does the boat sway from passing canal traffic? Any noticeable effect from the changing tide? What about noise from adjacent passersby?

Would appreciate some feedback on these questions. thanks.

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Tides within Amsterdam canal system are controlled through a very complex system of locks.

Most canal houses are anchored on canals where only small boats, with limited speeds, can go.

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My wife and I stayed on a houseboat on the Keizersgracht in the Jordaan area. We found this place on and stayed there in June 2015. We had 3 nights on the boat and it was great. It everything you would expect an apartment to have - kitchen, full bathroom, and so forth. The boats passing didn't cause any waves that disturbed us and they went by all day long. We even enjoyed hanging out on the boat and waving to the tourists in the passing canal tour boat cruises as if we were locals - of course we took the canal boat cruise ourselves at one point. I'm sure it depends greatly on the boat you get, but ours was comfortable and safe. I say go for it if this sounds like fun.