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Amsterdam's Transit System

Is it worth buying a multi day pass for Amsterdam's transit system? We will be staying there for 5 days with side trips to other cities.
Does the Netherlands offer a pass that covers both the trains and Amsterdam transit system?

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With the OV Chipkaart take care with the following: a. to be able to use it for the train, the balance must be at least EUR 20 (EUR 4 for tram, bus or metro); b. to get your balance refunded at the end of your trip, it must not exceed EUR 30.

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Yes. We just did the Utrecht Region - it covers at least all of Holland. It worked great. We were in the Netherlands and Belgium for a month - We bought the pass online ahead of time - then picked it up at Schiphol - Cafe Rembrandt (make sure you know where the Cafe is located ahead of time, Schiphol is huge). We used it to go all over Holland and it worked on Trains, Trams and Buses - Rotterdam, Leiden, The Hague, Utrecht, Delft - tap going on or in beeps once, then beeps twice when exiting - occasionally you run into a machine that doesn't work, just use the one on the other side of the door. The card is linked to your credit card and you get a statement and you get an email receipt listing all your usage every week or so. You don't have to keep adding money - extremely convenient. It costs like $7 for the card and you deposit E50 which is returned when you return the card to Cafe Rembrandt - warning - Cafe Rembrandt doesn't open until 9am - fortunately for us, the owner was there at 8:30 to do the refund.