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Amsterdam, One Day, Recommendations for Food/Shops/Canal Ride/Uber/Airport?


I know this is a whirlwind, but I'll be in Amsterdam next week for 24 hours.

  1. I'm wondering what places people recommend for where to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner?

  2. Also, any favorite shops (women's boutiques/design stores)?

  3. Any favorite streets/neighborhoods?

  4. Is Uber a good choice for getting to the airport? And, I'll be flying to London. How early should I get to the airport? Two hours ahead of time?

Thank you so much!

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I can only help with #4. I've always taken the train - frequent, fast and comfortable. Even if you are checking luggage (I'm guessing you will, if you plan on shopping :-), seems like 2 hours would be enough. Maybe add 1/2 hour if you are more risk-averse . . . just for the peace of mind.

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question 1, sub question 2 - FEBO for snacks.

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The train is much more efficient. Consider using it rather than Uber.
Look at some of the walking tours in the RS book. Will give you a good overview to make your choice to see certain neighborhoods if you wish.
Blue Boat offers a good canal tour; others like the Dam Boat guys. Blue Boat is located near VondelPark if that fits your plans. Snacks/Lunch? Lots of kiosks/ food trucks nearby.
Want to splurge on dinner? Consider Martine's Table if you can get a reservation; it is a great experience!