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Amsterdam - many questions!

Ok I am working on our 2.5 days in Amsterdam... and I have a few questions!

Day 1: Arrive from Paris via train at 11:45am.
Drop luggage (staying near Anne Frank) and planning Rick's City Walk roughly - any good lunch places near Dam Square or around there that you like?

Want to visit Our Lord in the Attic this afternoon - also want to have a quick peek at Red Light District (pre-5pm likely) - how is the area right around Our Lord in the Attic - is it ok for kids? Well, I know it is the Red Light District (my kids are 10 and 12) - I don;t have any problem with them knowing drugs and prostitution are legal - but I don't really want them to have too many details or see anything too raunchy... I just want to take a look basically to say I have been there. Thoughts?

This evening probably go check into our flat, unpack a bit, rest, then maybe Jordaan walk - any dinner places around there you recommend?

Day 2:
Anne Frank 9:30 (til 11:00? - we have an English 30 minute "intro").

Heading to Dutch Resistance Museum -is 2 hours good for that? My boys are super interested, but I can;t imagine they will last longer than that. We will probably walk over there from Anne Frank (about 30 min....) - I want to grab a quick lunch - is there anywhere to do that? Are there little food stands, quick lunch places that would be easy to find?

Might also try for the Dutch Theater? Anyone been there?

Hoping to make it to the Albert Cryup Market - is it any good? Wanted to do some of the food stands.... Thoughts?

Back to Jordaan area...

Day 3: Probably trip to Edam and waterland... still working on that one!


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All I can help you with here is that 2 hours is probably fine for the Dutch Resistance Museum, you could spend less if your boys get restless. I don't know of specific lunch places but you should have lots of choices on the way over.

If you can fit in a canal boat ride you and the guys might enjoy that and see a lot of the city in the process.

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From what I remember of the Red Light district, the women are on display wearing skimpy clothing - not less than you see at the beach. There's fast food everywhere. A great way to see the city is to rent bikes and really feel like locals. The rentals next to the train station are more expensive. The Maritime Museum is very interesting, includes walking through a ship, and a short walk from the Resistance Museum. A canal cruise is a nice way to see the city too.

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Drugs are NOT legal ! M.j. is "tolerated " in small quantities stricktly for personal use and also in 'coffee shops '. The coffee shops are visited mostly by tourists who also like to take a selfie to show their friends they were there. Locals don't go there .
Red Light district is just like any other street during daytime. Becomes ' lively' after dark.
Albert Cuyp Market is ok, just watch out for very good pick-pockets who love tourist .

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Took our then 11YO Grandson to Our Lord in the Attic and must say he was oblivious to the "atmosphere" of the area. He was pretty interested in the Anne Frank House, however, it got pretty boring for him toward the end as it was swamped with people waiting for rooms to clear and very warm in the house. One thing he really enjoyed was the Museum Nemo which is just south of Centrale and a short bus ride-it's not included in the museum pass but there is an outside chess set and inside tons of hands on puzzles in both English and Dutch to match wits with, along with a "mad scientist" who built an incredably complicated domino and balloon machine that ended with everything being destroyed. He also really liked the canal tour and the Van Gohn, Rykes Museum, and the Resistance Museum. I'd suggest you get the Amsterdam pass at the tourist office outside of Cntrale for your stay.They will keep you busy!

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The Anne Frank house was a highlight for me! Pick up a free booklet as you enter and read each page as you go thru the rooms. Get your tickets online before you leave. We also loved the canal tour and a Gouda & wine tasting at one of the cheese shops. Lots of amazing food- I can't remember where we ate- but we stuck with the local, Indonesian type places (I'm sure we studied TripAdvisor)