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Amsterdam Hotels Near Passenger Terminal

This question is early but I am excited about travelling again. I am taking a cruise from Amsterdam on August 17, 2022 (yes, 14 months away)

I will be spending two nights in Amsterdam before my cruise. Looking for a hotel close to Passenger Terminal preferably within walking distance. I travel very light and can walk up to 2 miles or so.

I require free wi fi and like breakfast included, hopefully a good breakfast.

I am a senior citizen who travels alone. Do foreign seniors get any senior discounts?

Back to hotels. I know that many forum members have been. What hotels would you recommend.

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I can't make any recommendations other than, but I'd suggest you join Cruise Critic, as people often discuss their pre-post cruise lodging plans on what they call "roll calls". Roll calls are discussion groups for people booked on particular cruises. They also often discuss planned group activities and excursions.

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On our last visit to Amsterdam we stayed at Doubletree by Hilton Centraal Station, near the train station and a short walk to cruise terminal. Worked well for us.

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We stayed 3 days post river cruise in 2019. Couldn't get rooms at the Hilton which is a good choice location wise but a travel agent found the Kimpton De Witt which was also very close to central station and the passenger terminal. We were very happy with it. Funky but clean rooms, nice staff including a helpful concierge, surprisingly quiet at night considering the location. No breakfast included but plenty of choices close by.

Fyi, river cruise ships dock closer to central station than the ocean going ships so you might want to consider that.

I've seldom seen senior discounts anywhere in Europe.

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The only place we have ever been that routinely offer senior discounts to non-European residents was Spain. I am sure there may be others but our experience is the "pension discount" is only available to European residents. You can always ask but don't be too disappointed if NO is the answer. Remember it is their taxes supporting these facilities and not yours so it reasonable that US seniors don't get the discount.

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I think there's a Movenpick hotel right at the cruise terminal. We joked that people staying there could jump from their balconies right onto the deck (but don't try this). There are also numerous hotels close to Centraal station, including an Ibis, and the terminal is about 1/3 mile(?) on a paved pedestrian walkway from the back side of the station. I know non-EU seniors get fewer discounts, but it doesn't hurt to try. There's also a discount if you join the Accor Hotels (including Ibis) loyalty program.

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I am at Genius I level on Booking and almost always uses Booking when I book. I also am on CruiseCritic.
I do a lot of research before traveling and have found that the Rick Steves forum is one of the best ways of getting information when it comes to European land travel.

The reviews are very helpful on Booking but sometimes they contradict each other. You get reviews that say very positive things, like, One of the Best. Then you get reviews that are negative and say, The Worst, and Do Not Stay here.

I get ideas from CruiseCritic but sometimes the ideas come from professionals in the travel industry and are marketing or hyping. As with Booking, you get mixed reviews from guests. Roll Calls are wonderful on CruiseCritic where you get to know other persons who are traveling on your very ship before you go.

As said, I find that Rick Steves Forum is one of the very best when it comes to European Travel.

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I have already been doing some research and become familiar with Movenpick Hotel which is right next door to the Cruise Terminal.

Of course it is months too early to book but I did find it a little too pricey for my budget, traveling alone. If you and another pay $150 or so for a room, so do I as one person. I love solitude and I love traveling alone but usually you have to pay more for some things.

I always book through Booking and am at Genius I level. As I get closer to my trip, I will be checking out this hotel. I always lock in a deal several month ahead of time and then often cancel and book another room as I find a better deal. Sometimes I find hotels that offer small rooms for just one person.

I think that I did find a Holiday Inn Express that offered a very good price and was only .50 miles ( 1/2 mile) to the cruise port

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Last I looked the UK was still part of Europe and concessions(discounts in American) for those over age 60 are not uncommon, particularly on transportation and admissions. I realize that doesn't address the Amsterdam issue, but I felt it needed to be said in response to previous statements.

I think you should feel free to expand your search area a bit. The tram system in Amsterdam is excellent. You could easily stay at a hotel a little further from the station and be just 5-10 minutes away by tram. I think it depends on whether your desire for budget vs location is higher.

We stayed in the museum district and found that the short tram ride away from the train station was perfect. The bus from the airport was 1 block away, the tram was 1 block away, and we were out of the absolutely crazy crowds that congregated in the area of the train station. I frequently travel solo so I understand the challenge of room prices. I hope you were able to snag a good single supplement rate on the cruise.

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I am sorry, Carol, but that has not been our experience. Perhaps you are more fortunate in obtaining discounts in G Britain that we have been. Our experience is that the discounts are limited to residents.

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Sorry, Frank, it hasn't worked for you.

Entry "concessions" in England are generally age (usually 60+ or retirement age (by gender) ) or disability based regardless of nationality.

Transport discounts are based on a not-free Card which give 34 percent discounts to 60+

Free bus is limited to residents.

(answering in a Netherlands thread because the UK was indicated in the two previous answers)