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Amsterdam hotels less expensive during "peak" season???

I am researching hotel costs for a trip to Amsterdam sometime this year. I am finding that room costs are LOWER during the so-called "peak" season of July-August than they are during May-June or September-October. Why is that?

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Late July and August are not peak seasons for hotel rates for a number of cities like Amsterdam as you are seeing.

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Because the early months of the season is when the tulips and other flowers come out! It is the most desirable time to see the Keukenhof. There are few(er) flowers to see during the height of summer.

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Thank you all for your replies! I am looking at tourist hotels within the central "canal ring". I think that I will pay attention to what you and the numbers are telling me, and not so much to what some travel sites label as "peak". Thanks, again!

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July and August are peak season for beaches, mountains, etc, not for cities.

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July and August is when many Europeans travel south, and it is also a lull for business travel. You will find similar price dynamics in places like London, Zurich, Copenhagen, Frankfurt or Oslo. May and September are very active months for business events and also all sorts of annual art stuff in Amsterdam like electronic music urban festivals, several trade conventions, etc