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Amsterdam for 6 days

It's my first trip to Amsterdam and I'm having trouble figuring out what I need for transportation. I was expecting to find something similar to the Oyster Card but I'm not sure if the OV Chipkaart works like that. I arrive on a Saturday and will be doing canal and bike tours as well as the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. The Iamsterdam card doesn't seem to be worth it just for transportation and 2 museums. Please let me know if I'm missing something in that thought process.

I will be making day trips to Keukenhof Gardens and maybe Delft or Rotterdam or Den Haag. I'm undecided on what cities I should try to see. I would love to a day trip to Antwerp or Brussels so suggestions are welcome and wonderful. The trip takes place in the next few weeks and please forgive any misspellings.

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The OV chipkart works essentially like the Oyster Card. Upon arrival, getting the card at a manned train station will cost about 7 euros approximately. If you are flying into AMS, easy to get it right there. I would suggest that you start with about €50 on the card, as you will need at least €20 on the card to ride the trains. Using the card is simple, simply tap in as you enter a bus/tram/train but make sure you remember to tap out or you will be charged for a longer journey if you don’t. Based on the amount a day trips you were thinking about doing, the OV chipkaart is the best option in my opinion. I just returned from the Netherlands and was pleasantly surprised that, for the first time, I was able to reload my card at machines with my Apple Watch (I assume tapping my phone with Apple Pay would have worked as well). In the past, loading the card required using change in a machine (or debit card) or going to manned desk, which was not always feasible. I get to the Netherlands every year, so I simply keep my card and have it ready to go the next time I come back. If you think you will return to the Netherlands in the next couple years, just as easy to just keep your card- as it is good for five years. If this is a one time trip for you, you could cash the balance of your card at a manned ticket booth as you head home to get your money back. Please be aware that you cannot use the card for travel into Belgium.

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If you are considering a "museum day" while in Amsterdam, and if that day happens to be on a Friday, you might want to reconsider the "I Amsterdam Card". Although expensive, if one were to add up the costs of admission to the museums and attractions covered by the card and if one were dedicated to maximize use of the time limits imposed by the attractions, the Friday use is more attractive as several have extended hours on that day - Van Gogh Museum open until 21:00, Stedelijk Museum open until 22:00 - and don't over look this excellent modern collection - located a two minute walk of the Van Gogh Museum - I think we spent more time there than either the Van Gogh or the Rijksmuseum. The included "I Amsterdam Card" fold out map is the best tram line map I've seen. A canal ride is included with the card.

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Thanks for explaining the Chipkaart a little more. I will probably take this option over the multi-day ticket although they may be comparable.

I haven't read Rick's book. If I can find it quickly, I will definitely give it a peruse.

Thanks for the tip about Fridays and the Iamsterdam card but that's the one day I won't have in Amsterdam.

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You can get the balance on your OV Chipkaart refunded at a ticket window as long as it does not exceed EUR 30. A little bit of arithmetic when topping up your card!

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I agree on the Oyster Card and much mentioned by above recommendations. Do not miss the Concertegabow free noon concert. Don't miss the Resistance Museum and the Jewish Museum, within a stone's throw of each other. Amsterdam is the city of museums, large and small. Ann Frank's House. The Kattenkabinet (a museum with cat artwork and real live cats.) The Tassen (bag and purse) Museum, with it's amazing tearoom on the upper floor.