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Amsterdam crumbling, becoming a big construction zone

From today's NYT:

Amsterdam, with its scenic canals lined with picturesque, 17th- and 18th-century buildings, a major European tourist destination, is slowly crumbling.

Sinkholes are appearing in its small streets, and nearly half its 1,700 bridges are rickety and need repairs, frequently requiring trams to cross at a snail’s pace. As a huge project to shore up the canal walls gets underway, the city is beginning to look like one gigantic construction site.

The reconstruction will take at least 20 years and cost 2 billion euros, about $2.5 billion, and perhaps even more, experts have calculated.

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appreciate that Eddie, but it isn't really new news. Part of the charm of Amsterdam is seeing the old building leaning on each other - has been as long as I have been going there.

Of course, like Venice, the canals were not built for faster than a walking pace boats with internal combustion engines.

The sink holes are because the city is built on sand, and water erodes sand.