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Amsterdam canal tour recommendations

My daughter and I will be visiting Amsterdam in early August. Would like to do a canal tour - not sure how long we should plan for or any particular vendors to use.

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Do some searches and see if a different style of tour appeals to you.

If you are speaking of the larger main line tours, then most say that there is not much difference. They take mostly the same route, some might have better narration, etc. These you can pretty much hop on with no planning, just walk up.

Then there are tours that are small (Those Dam Boat Guys for example) that have a different take, more casual, bring your own refreshments. Typically you need tickets ahead. Cost a bit more

And finally basically Private tours for either a very small group, some fully catered, or maybe just you two. Cost much more.

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We used the Blue Boat last year and found it to be very enjoyable.
Many posters like the Dam Boat guys - it is quite fun from what is shown in the postings.
The canal rides vary in time-check the websites
Might try looking at Trip advisor - they have a filter for the canal boat rides.

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If you have planned some tour during your visit in Amsterdam (windmills, open air museum, etc.) sometimes tour companies throw in a canal tour as a bonus.

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I live on the Herengracht canal which is on the tour boat route. Amsterdam Flagship would be my choice. Nice medium sized open boat, seating around the sides (not at bench tables) with lots of cushions. Since you are coming in August, you shouldn't be troubled by rain. From what I can see it looks like 2 crew members, one doing the steering and one doing the narration.

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A tour that gets into the main harbour will offer more to see and a better idea of what the water means to Amsterdam.

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We did the Damn Boat Guys (our captain was a woman which I was not expecting but she was great) Depending on how old your daughter is it could be a great choice or not so great. "Smokers" were encouraged to sit in the back of the boat, which a few did.