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Amsterdam-Brussels-Luxembourg City

Just looking for feedback on the three. We love museums, art, historic buildings, churches and just exploring oh and we LOVE food and wine!!! We are planning a fall vacation. Currently looking at these three. Seven days Amsterdam, five Brussels, three Luxembourg. Thank you in advance I always find these forums helpful everyone is so knowledgeable and it is always helpful to get advice from folks who have actually been to these places!!! Happy Travels!!!

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Do research on possible day trips from your bases. Particularly Brussels, which didn't have enough to hold my interest for 5 days (I know interests are different). You should also look into staying at least one overnight in one of the three other "big four" Belgian cities - Antwerp (my favorite), Ghent, or Bruges. Opinions of these vary widely, so be sure to read as much as you can to see which ones might interest you.

Do try to take one of the architecture tours from ARAU - by far my favorite thing in Brussels. They connect far-flung sights, and can get into buildings closed to the general public, so they're hard to duplicate on your own:

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Will you be in Lux City for 3 days? You can see most of the historic / art stuff in one day, so you might consider going to some other towns to see churches or other interesting buildings. You can drive the length of the county in an hour; trains might take longer, but still, you'd have plenty of time.

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I would recommend staying in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, rather than Lux City. It's a great little town, much less expensive than Lux City and easier to walk around, and it's a transportation hub for Luxembourg. For 4 euros per person, you can travel for 24 hours on any bus or train in Luxembourg. So you could take a day trip into Lux City, and other trips to the castle at Vianden, and the Family of Man photo exhibit in Clervaux, and the amazing WWII war museum in Diekirch. And if you're there on Fridays, there's a little market in the main square in Ettelbruck (and there's a great gelato shop on the main square too!).

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Do you have a recommendation on books for Luxembourg? RS doesn't have one that I have found. I have downloaded the sample to Lonely Planet's Belgium and Luxembourg. Thank you for the tip, staying in a smaller less touristy area sounds fun. We will be there on Friday and love the little markets. Thank you!!!!

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It was hard to find information on Luxembourg. I bought the Belguim-Lux Lonely Planet book but the Lux info is very limited.

Our trip was similar to yours. We started with 5 days in Bruges, which we loved, then had 4 days in Luxembourg and finished with a week in Amsterdam, which was also amazing.

We didn't stay in Ettelbruck but wished we had. We stayed in nearby Diekirch, which had the can't-miss war museum. But every day trip we took required a change of bus or train in Ettelbruck ! So we got to see a lot of it and found it charming. Try to find a hotel in the center of town, near the train/bus. Here's an email address for the tourist office:

Regarding Amsterdam, we stayed on the Prinsengracht canal near the 9 Little Streets area. Perfect spot. We walked everywhere. Took just one day trip, using the Waterlands bus, to Edam-Volendam-Marken. Just 10 euros each -- great bargain.

Hope you have a great trip!