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Amsterdam base for three day trips

We visited Amsterdam several years ago; we saw much of the city during our three day stay and made a day trip to Haarlem on the fourth day. We’re planning a visit to Europe next June (2016) and are considering alternative itineraries for a 3 day and three night period perhaps using Amsterdam as “home”. We have to be in Amsterdam by 5:00 pm on the “fourth” day, June 7 (a Tuesday). If we book lodging in Amsterdam, we are considering three separate day trips. We are relatively early risers and could begin each day (at Centraal Station or a ferry terminal) by 8:00 and we’ll like to be back in Amsterdam by 19:00 hr. We could also use another city/town as “home”, maybe Groningen, Rotterdam, Essen, etc. Any suggestions?

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The best base will obviously depend on what places you wanted to see as daytrips. But do look at Utrecht. It's the center of the Dutch Rail system. It has a great railway museum, as well as the Centraal Museum with everything from ancient ships to modern art. It has the unique Museum of Music Boxes and Fairground Organs; you see it by one hour tour, where the guide demonstrates the music-making gadgets. It has unique bi-level canals. And it has a very nice ambiance.

If you do go, I highly enjoyed my stay at the Mary K Hotel: A bit above my usual price range, but I thought it was a good value.

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You don't say where you are thinking of visiting or are you looking for ideas? Amsterdam makes for a very good base since there is so much to do and see there (even if you have already been) and it is so easy to get anywhere else in Holland.

The Utrecht suggestion is a good one. A very nice city center with a deep canal system (that is, you must walk down to the canals).

Den Haag is a good choice at least for a quick stop and to see the Mauritshuas Museum. It has some classics, including Ruebens, Rembrandt and Vermeer. It also has Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring. And it is small and easy to navigate if you are not huge into art.

Delft is a very charming small city with great canals. And of course the pottery factories if that interests you.

Rotterdam is mostly about modern architecture.

Leiden is another small but charming city.

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Thanks for the suggestions; we now have a foundation on which to construct an itinerary.