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Amsterdam Bans Airbnb in City Center

According to an article in Travel + Leisure, effective 1 July Amsterdam has banned Airbnb in several areas and restricted rentals to 30 days per year in the rest of the city.
We have been speculating on what action heavy tourist cities would take during this lull in tourist traffic. This is one answer.

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As someone who (in 2016) used AirBnb for a wonderful experience in the city center of Amsterdam, I get it. As a traveler, it's sad that we can't seem to find a way to balance this out and make it work for local communities as well as tourists. AirBnb is a great service for travelers in my view, but if you live in Barcelona, or in this case Amsterdam, I can understand why you'd view that differently. I think all you can do is respect/follow the local rules in each case and enjoy the experience where it is available.

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It might just mean that the smaller towns around Amsterdam will pick up the business making Amsterdam a day visit. There is a bonus for the traveler, as the train systems are excellent, and it gives a more local Dutch view that many often don't see. Of course, it might be yet another ruination of a 'back door' town.