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Amsterdam B&B or Inn for Couple with 13 Yr-Old Daughter

Hello - My Husband and I are considering staying at a B&B or small Inn instead of a hotel when we visit Amsterdam July 2018. While browsing some adorable properties, I am seeing many photos that are quite romantic for couples but I am concerned that they are not really suitable for a couple with a 13 year-old. Since our daughter will not qualify as a 'child' and is actually taller than I am, we will need comfortable accommodations for three. We have a large budget so we can splurge if it is worth it. We will be staying for 3 nights upon arrival from NYC. We are also flexible with the choice of Neighborhood. It will be our first visit to Amsterdam.

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Hi Dr CynP
Reading up on your message for Amsterdam, was there last year in june and will be there again end of September this year. Last year we (4 adults) rented an apartment thru citymundoon, a canal on prinsengracht. Was great, saw a lot of people cruising down canal, cafes, bistros, bars, restaurants near by. Took tram to albert cyup market, lots of booths, food, clothes, cafes, souvenirs, blocks and blocks (pedestrian friendly) fun stuff. This year we are renting a houseboat in the jordaan area. Thot your daughter would like something like this, (houseboatrental.amst or Maybe too early to book but at least you can do some research. Took the train to Haarlem, you can go further to beach area, zandvoort and they have sand sculptures which I think your daughter and you guys would enjoy. It can be a day trip. We rented a pedicab near dam square to take us around the town then to the red light district. Did a tour to windmills, cheese making and clog making. If interested ill email you, stay in town and walk the different areas, stop have lunch or a snack. Do a canal cruise with her, it's nice to see the town from the water. You can always buy drinks, chips, snacks to have in your room. I will post after I'm back beginning of October. We will also spend 5 days in Paris, take the train, i booked with or early 3 months for great discounts. Take her to montemarte to see the artists painting, they have a train to tour you around,, Tasted macarons on champs elysses, walk through farmers market, if you want a tea party hotels do have them, things for the family to do. Enjoy your vacation and research
Princess Pupule

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Princess Pupule -

Your reply describes our idea of a perfect visit to Amsterdam! I will definitely consider this. However, I am concerned we will be losing the one important aspect of a B&B/Inn that we are hoping for: The personal host. Being that we will be likely disoriented and clueless when we first arrive (not to mention Jet Lagged and trying to stay awake) we thought that being able to pick the brain of the host/hostess would be extremely valuable. Plus - We love to chat with locals. With the rentals, am I correct in assuming that we will be 'on our own' pretty much?

BTW our Itinerary includes Bruges, Normandy & Paris. But Amsterdam is first. I'm trying to tackle this plan one destination at a time.