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Amsterdam airport departure gates question

We will be visiting Amsterdam with some friends this summer, then going our separate ways. We will be flying out of Schiphol to Bergen, Norway on KLM and using Departure 1 and the D gates, and our friends are flying back to Australia via Etihad and using Departure 3 and the E gates. I was hoping we could spend a few more hours and have dinner together in the airport after checking luggage and going thru security.

But it has occurred to me that there may be different security requirements for the 2 destinations (Schengen vs. non-), and that once we go thru security we will be in separated areas. Looking at their terminal maps, this does appear to be the case. If that is true we can try to eat before security, but there are more options once we're in, and I don't like to feel rushed.

So does anyone know if we will be in separate sections of the terminal once we've passed security? Thanks for your advice.

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You will be in separate parts of the terminal. The gates are divided in half. In one half of the terminal all gates go to Schengen destinations (Norway), the other half non-Schengen (UAE/Australia) with an immigration checkpoint which separates the two halves. The only way you will be able to share a meal is in the public area of the airport before the check-in counters in the Schipol Mall/train station area of the airport.