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Amsterdam airport

We will be coming into the Amsterdam airport from the US and changing planes to go to Eastern Europe.

I know that this airport is very large and very confusing. Do we need to go through passport control and security again
when changing planes? Is there a particular gate or area we should go to?

We don't have that much time to make the connection, so getting lost in the airport would be very bad.

Thank you

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Amsterdam is one of the easiest and best organized big airports. Be glad you don't have to change planes in Heathrow or DeGaulle. If the country you are flying to is in the Schengen area you will have to go through immigration (passport control) in Amsterdam. Custom control will be at your destination airport in Easter Europe. It's usually symbolic, nothing like in the US. Unfortunately after 9 - 11 you will have to go through the security again. In Europe generally you don't have to take your shoes off.

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Ilja is corrrect. I don't think you can get lost in Schiphol. The signage is great and so is the help when you need it. All the concourses lead into the center where there is more help than you will need. Just follow the signs and ask if you need help. I don't know if its still true but we have always had to stop at the ticket counter/kiosk in the center of the airport and get new boarding passes for further travel. You might check there to see if you have to because if you have to come back and do it you have quite a hike.

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Our connection is on Delta to Budapest.

We went though this airport once before, going from Rome back to the US. When we got off the plane there was nobody around to direct us, we had no idea where to go, and when we finally figured it out, got through that long passport control line and security again, we arrived at our gate while our plane was boarding!

Thank you for your help.


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AMS Schiphol is one of the best hubs in Europe, in my opinion. Just follow the herd to passport control and look for the non-EU passport holder line. If you are on a short connect, check the short connect line to see if you qualify.

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Just follow the herd to passport control and look for the non-EU
passport holder line.

Don't follow the herd, follow the signs instead. Half the herd will be heading to the immigration line which exits the airport, the rest of the herd will be heading to the immigration line for flight connections...that's is where you want to be.

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One of the easiest airports , every sign is in English and Dutch. That's why they do not need a lot of people standing around to point the way. If you go with Delta to Budapest also , they should give you a boarding pass for the flight to Budapest . When you first arrive in Europe you do have to go through passport control simply because entering the Netherlands legally gives you access to all Schengen countries. Have a great trip ! Budapest is a nice city .