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Great information! We were fortunate enough to see a similar gathering of pieces at the National Gallery in London, I believe in 2001. I could really imagine planning a spring trip (tulips too!) to see this special exhibit in 2023.

When I finally encountered The Girl with the Pearl Earring in The Mauritshuis in 2019, I couldn’t even walk very far into the room without having to stop and catch my breath. I have been on a Vermeer quest for 25 years.

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Thanks Joel for sharing this. HUGE fan of Vermeer. We enjoyed visiting the Rijksmuseum in 2019. This news is certainly a WOW factor. Also loved the book- “Girl With the Pearl Earring.” We stayed in the convenient Museumplein area and passed the museum frequently.

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Yes, thank you so much Joel! I had no plans in place for 2023 but I do now!

They don't mention the two that the Louvre has - The Lacemaker and The Astronomer (which I think may be a companion piece to The Geographer from Frankfurt). The Astronomer is one of my favorites as there is just so much going on in the background. They regularly travel to the Louvre Abu Dhabi so surely they will be loaned to Amsterdam?

I've seen The Astronomer and The Geographer side by side in the last few years - there was a Vermeer exhibition at the Louvre a few years ago where they were hung together.

Yea! Fun to plan!

(PS - In 2019 the Rijks had a wonderful app where you could buy and store your ticket as well as tour the museum. Consider making sure your phone is upgraded to smart phone level to take advantage of this and put your ear buds on your packing list! It was also unique in that it really had a good map that could tell you where you were and map out a route for where you wanted to go, lol!)

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DW and I are planning to finally institute Covid-delayed, post-retirement winter escapes to Europe as of January 2023. This is such a stroke of luck!

Pam, thanks for the tip.