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We arrive at Schiphol and have to make a connection to Brussels. Is passport control on the arrival level?

Thank you

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Schiphol Airport is housed in just one enormous terminal building under one roof. This terminal is divided in half: on one side gates serve flights to Schengen destinations, the other half everywhere else. In the middle of the two halves is passport control for connecting passengers.
So once you deplane from your transatlantic flight simply follow the signs to your connecting gate and you wind up at that passport barrier; on the other side will be your connecting gate. If you have a tight connection there is an express lane; there will be a monitor above showing which flights qualify.

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Depends where you are arriving from.
If you are arriving from outside the Schengen Area, you will go through passport control. You will be directed (signposted) the correct way to passport control, there is no way not to go through it. If there were, all the "illegals" could avoid immigration checks.

If you are arriving from inside the Schengen Area there will be no passport control.