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Advice requested: Stay in Delft or Amsterdam for a short (4 night) visit to the Netherlands?

Hello. I am in need of some advice. We will be in the Netherlands for four days, following a cruise up the Rhine, which arrives Amsterdam in mid-May. Also, Amsterdam seems fascinating, we often enjoy visiting the smaller cities in Europe. We like what we've read about Delft, and are considering this as a base for all or some of our time in the Netherlands. This will be at the end of a two-week trip, so we will probably be a bit tired and want a slightly slower pace, which is why I am considering Delft.

I am interested in other opinions on this. Should we just stay in Amsterdam and take a day trip to Delft or vice versa?
Thanks in advance!

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Amsterdam is a busy bustling city for sure. If u do not wish to see Amsterdam or any town/ village nr by then Delft or perhaps Haarlem With some xcellent cathedral or museums to enjoy and also more budget friendly lodging.
We stayed in both Haarlem and Amsterdam as we did daytrips by train and also visited ea towns highlights. Which for Amsterdam were many.

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Delft is pretty small. It's charming, but there's not much there. On my last visit to the Netherlands, I stayed in The Hague. It's a 20-minute tram ride to Delft and almost as close the Schiphol as Amsterdam, and as well-connected by train for other day trips. It isn't as scenic as Amsterdam, but it's cleaner and hotels are a lot cheaper. It has several very good art museums and a great beach.