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Accommodation in Amsterdam in late June

i must have tried all of Rick's options and anyone else's on this site that I could find but probably missed some.
We are staying 3 nights, and compared to London and even Paris, Amsterdam is so expensive for us, who live in New Zealand with our exchange rate.
We will have a resonable amount of luggage, as we are away for many weeks, so when I emailed Heren B & B, she said that if we have large or heavy luggage, that the stairs would be a problem so that looks like that is out.
Anything else that is around the 150 euro is expensive, although we'll have to pay that I can see, let alone 200 euros but I have checked heaps out all the same and now don't want to just pick one on line in case its a dump. Don't entirely trust the comments I see on the sites! We are in our mid sixties and are reasonably active, my husband particularly so.
Am willing to try anything anyone can recommend as I've spent days trying places, with no luck! Thanks very much for your help.

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Amsterdam is indeed an expensive town. You may have to rely on Trip Advisor ratings. Rooms in your price range will be quite small, but the property itself can be very nice. Noticed the Hotel Luxer near the train station is within your price range, has an 8.5 rating and an elevator. It's a good location as I stayed around the corner in February at the more luxorious (and sold-out Barbizon Palace). Other places I've stayed in your price range are the Hampshire Eden, where they seemed to have built a room around a bed, and the NH Schiller, which is recently refurbished and is on the Rembrandtplein, which is in a very lively (read noisy) entertainment district.

Good Luck. You can always see if there is something cheaper in Haarlem, which is a quieter old city about 20 minutes away on the train.

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Will take a look. Has anyone been to the Hotel d'Amsterdam or is it no good?

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Trip Advisor reviews are good. Location is very nice, not far from the Leidseplein which is also an entertainment district with a lot of restaurants and not quite as "lively" as the Rembrandtplein. Also easy walk to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museums. From the airport, take the 197 Airport Express bus to Leidseplein. From the train station, take the No 1 tram to Stadhouderskade. About a 250 m walk from these stops.

Showing limited availability, so recommend you book soon.

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Amsterdam is a great city for using If you look for a 4 star in the museum district ,you should get a great price on a good hotel. For some reason, priceline really works in this city for both name your own price and express deals. We did this process and stayed at the Hotel Vondel for about $100 US a night.

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Don't know if this will help you out or not, since time is late for getting a reasonable room in Amsterdam in a good location. Have you looked into The RHO Hotel adjacent to Dam Square? I have stayed there twice myself, and am again early August. Perfect location, breakfast buffet included, elevators, nice staff etc. looks like they still have vacancies for end of June, so perhaps this might help.

Have fun! Amsterdam rox !