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48 hr PCR Test for Entry

Anyone with a better idea for getting the test in London then depart to Amsterdam within the 48 hour window?

Mine is stay several days at The Sumner Hotel (we've stayed before) near Marble Arch). Make an appointment for a same day PCR test ($200 each) via for the Chelsea Lab the day before your flight. Get the promised results 4 1/2 hours later. Fly out the next day.

The other option is stay at Heathrow, get an appointment (via Heathrow Covid Testing link) for 3 hour testing at Terminal 5, maybe stay at an airport hotel depending on timing, then fly out.


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Arrive UK Sept 29, hiring a car at Heathrow and driving Sussex, Kent, East Anglia, then Yorkshire. Have to be in Amsterdam Oct 14

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thanks for the info.

Then I see that before we get you to the Netherlands, we need to get your entry into England. Your arrival will be before the October 4 changes so you will need an Amber List 3 day max prior to travel covid test, a booked Day 2 PCR which is booked and paid for prior to travel (assuming you are fully vaccinated plus 14 days) which provides a reference number, and a PLF - Passenger Locator Form including the reference number above, again prior to travel - you need to show to board the plane, and then after landing you need to take that Day 2 test (all assuming you haven't been in another country besides the USA in the 10 days before landing here).

You may find that whoever you choose will be able to do your Fit To Fly before your flight to the Netherlands.

On the other hand, since it will be some time before you leave the UK, keep checking because the Netherlands may well change their requirements for arrival in the Netherlands from the UK.

Are you planning to fly (sounds like it, from Heathrow???) or the ferry from Hull or Newcastle?

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Thank you again, Nigel.

Yes, we're getting the 72 hr PCR test prior to departure and we've booked a day 2 PCR test which will deliver our kit to our hotel near Maidstone.

We've decided to return the car, go into London for a few days and there get the required Netherlands entry test as we're familiar with the area. I agree that things will probably change between now and then; however, it is a same day test and the window is small. We may book it and cancel later, unless they ask for payment at booking.

We've spent more time on Covid compliance than our itinerary.



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I am in a similar situation. Travelling from India to London, staying for 4 months in London and then travelling to Netherlands in December first week. I am covishield (which is in Netherlands approved vaccine list) vaccinated and have the paper proof. Do I still need to do the fit to fly test?


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Requirements are constantly changing. I suggest before traveling to search the UK and NL government sites. Just google UK covid entry requirements and the same for the NL.

Our current understanding is that are traveling from a Green country (India is currently Green) and you have proof of being vaccinated with an approved vaccine and arrive after 4AM Monday Oct 4, you do not have to have a negative test to board your flight; however, you must pre-book a 2nd day Covid test (delivered to your hotel or booked at the arriving airport), You must also complete a Passenger Locater Form within 48 hours of your departing flight which requires a confirmation code of the testing company that you have pre-booked the 2nd day test. We are unsure about the in transit rules if you are flying in and out within the 2 days. Check the UK Gov site for current rules and which countries are Red and Green. Rules for arrival from a Red country are different

As for the NL 48 hour pre-board negative test, you can get one at the arriving airport (pre-booking an appt is highly recommended and you will probably have to spend a night near the airport) or in major UK cities. We would recommend a same day test as the 48 hour window is not much.

If you stay near Marble Arch, we found a same day testing site in Chelsea ( St Luke's Christ Church Lab, Sydney St. SW# 6NH). Best I can remember it was 134GBP.