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4 nights in Amsterdam

My husband and 10 year son will be heading to Amsterdam mid June for 4 nights before heading to Portugal. We will be staying in the Jordaan area. My son really wants to go to Belgium for a day. I was thinking of spending the first 2 days in Amsterdam and then taking a day trip to Antwerp for our 3rd day. Good idea? I saw that it's only an hour 15 minute train ride.

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Train distances are relatively short so Antwerp is definitely do-able. But whether it's the best use of your limited time in Amsterdam is another question. There's so much to do/see in Amsterdam that it almost seems like spreading yourselves too thin to cut your 4 nights in Amsterdam to 2 days.
I mean, Antwerp wouldn't be a bad choice if you're willing to make do with too little time in Amsterdam.
I was just in Amsterdam in September and 4 nights would be perfect there.
And Antwerp won't be like the ambience of Bruges, but....

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I'd just be staying in Amsterdam. So many things there to see.

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Yea, there is a lot to see in Amsterdam. Since your son is 10, he might enjoy other sights in the area, such as Zanse Schans, Kinderdijk, Enkheuizen, etc; just depends on what you want to see and do.
We visited Eisa Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker. It is fascinating and well worth the trip for the entire family.
If your son is really set on Belgium, just go!
Thalys gets you to Antwerp in about an hour; can make it a day trip...
Again, decide what you want to see and enjoy your trip!