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4 days in Amsterdam April 12-April 16

Looking for recommendations for things to do and where to eat:

On my list is:

Anne Frank house
Zaanse Schans Windmills, Marken and Volendam (is this a full day?)
Keukenhof Gardens (Is this a full day?)
Van Gogh Museum
Red Light District

Is it worth making a daytrip to Bruges?

We will be staying in the museum quarter.

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Robbie - On your list of itineraries for 4 days in Amsterdam, don't forget to add a day Trip to Giethoorn. It's a tiny village with canals and it's very peaceful and picturesque.

A day trip to Bruges is doable but I would prefer going to Ghent. Also visit the town of Haarlem Amsterdam if you get a chance, 30 minutes from city center.

Here are some foodie places to consider:

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Hard to give good answers without more context. Have you been to this region (or to Europe) before? Is this part of a longer trip to Europe (if yes, where/how long)? What are your likes/dislikes and priorities?

Most importantly, how exactly are you counting your "4 days" there? Does that include the days you are arriving to Amsterdam or the day you are departing? Where will you be coming from and going to (via train to another city nearby, or flying to/from another continent - makes a difference)?

Without that, hard to know how much actual, usable time you really have, or whether a day trip (to anywhere) makes sense. Bruges is great, but...a daytrip puts you there when it's most crowded and depends on how much time you really have in Amsterdam (and how you would prioritize things, which is different for everyone).

FWIW, answers to all your questions (along with good suggestions for making the best use of your time) can be found easily in the Rick Steves guidebook for Amsterdam.

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We also enjoyed the Heineken Experience (Did the VIP so it wasn't too crowded, but there still are tons of people).

As for day trips, my rule is normally 2.5 hours max by train to make it worth it. Anything longer than that is too much travel time for our limited vacations, so that will be a judgement call. I do love Bruges and Ghent so it may be worth considering.

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Be sure to buy your tickets for the Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh museum, and the Rijksmuseum ahead of time.

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hey hey robbie
been to amsterdam twice, really enjoyed it, very picturesque. be careful of bike bikes bikes everywhere.
like others have mentioned, reserve your tickets for museums,
anne frank house ( book your tickets early like now, they are timed tickets and can only order online.
red light district is more than you think. it's a gorgeous canal in the daytime, with shops, cafes/restaurants, at night it's VERY busy and crowded. (check off the beaten track tours) or (look for smallest house or floating flowermarket ( maybe a bike tour to "tulipmania" (
this is holland, a different kind of flying experience search "where to try indo - dutch rijsttafel (rice table),,, (3 story chinese restaurant high on the water with views)
we found the cute tulip museum, any canal cruise is okay, albert cuypmarket is blocks and blocks of anything and everthing, pedestrian only. try stroopwaffel and poffertjes yummy
there is so much to see and do, stop at a plaza, sit have a cocktail, and people watch. you won't see it all but do get out and explore. wear comfy shoes
have a great trip and enjoy