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4.5 hr layovear- what to do after passport control

In June we will have a 4.5 hour layover. Can anyone tell me if we can go to the Art Museum and or the Science Museum after we go through passport control? I wouldn't mind too much going through that again but I sure would not want to go through Security again.

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????? A little clarity would be helpful. Layover where? What Art Museum, Science Museum ???? where ???

Once you clear passport control (immigration) and perhaps customs, you are outside of security. So if catching a connecting flight somewhere you will need to go through security. 4.5 is kind of a sucker play. You think you have time but you don't. By the time you get off the plane, clear immigration, maybe use the restroom, you have chewed up an hour or more, should be back in your boarding about 45 mins, hour before so you 4.5 is now down to 2.5. The time is not there for you to do anything except enjoy the airport.

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Mary has posted several questions about transferring planes in Amsterdam on the way to France, so probably that is where she is talking about. But clarification would be helpful!

In any case---if you leave the secure area at the airport for any reason, you will have to go through security again before reaching the gate for the onward flight.

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4.5 hours is not enough to leave the airport and go to the city. I think you are talking about Schiphol but it would be the case with other airports, too.

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Agree with everybody who has replied. Bring a good book to read in the airport while you wait. That could be a forum topic itself.

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Sorry, I am transferring at Schiphol. I fly from Toulouse with a 4.5 hr layover before catching my flight back to Seattle.
I've looked at the map of Schiphol but can't really see where the art Museum and science museum are located. I have read that there is now also a Science Museum at Schiphol that looks really interesting.

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Schipol is still under going extensive renovations. The airport branch of the Rijksmuseum is closed until that is all done with. Haven't heard anything about a Science Museum???