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4.5 hour layover in Amsterdam

Would it be wise to leave the Amsterdam Airport and do a little sightseeing? if so can anyone give me some suggestions. Would a river tour be worth it?

Don V

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4.5 hours isn't enough. Stay at the airport and enjoy a small Rijksmuseum satellite gallery available there for passengers.

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The airport Rijksmuseum is currently closed due to the extensive remodeling going on in the terminal.

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I agree that 4.5 hours is not enough time to really leave the airport, see anything, and get back in time.

The last two times we were there, the airport had some construction going on, and it seemed like it took forever (not 4.5 hours though) to make it from our arrival gate to our departure gate. Some seriously long concourses. More walking (which is not bad thing after a long flight) than I remember at any other airport (except maybe Chicago). Even when we were vacationing in Amsterdam a few years ago, I don't remember the check-in being super easy.....seems security checks were at the gate, but that doesn't necessarily speed up the process. And, we didn't check luggage on any of these trips.

It might be cutting it way too close to try to leave and then return.

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We passed thru Schipol last month flying back to US. We had 3 hours and barely made it. There were at least 3 security checks-maybe 4. Then we were put in a holding area with no access to food or drink. We missed out on some Duty Free shopping. Also longer walks than anticipated. Agree with staying in airport. Not complaining about security checks.

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I left for the US from Schiphol 2 weeks ago. The plane left on 1 pm , we arrived there at 8:30 a.m. With the endless checking , remodeling chaos and security checks again , we only had time to do a little shopping for the grandkids . We bought sandwiches ' to go ' because at the gate was again security checking so we ate in the boarding area. Once in the secure boarding area everyone was called to the front for another check........ So , I'm afraid there's no time for sightseeing .