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3days at Schiphol

Planning to do a trip as below on a Thursday. Is it practical?
I'll be taking rent a car from Schiphol.

Starting from schiphol at 07.00 hrs.
01. Aalsmeer auction till 08.30 hrs.
02. Drive to Gouda and watch cheese market till 11.00 hrs.
03. Drive to Delft and see the pottery factory and city till 14.00 hrs.
04. Drive to Kuekenhof. Spend the evening there and return to Schiphol by 19.00hrs.

Is it practical, doable?

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You're cramming in too much. You're running from one »thing to do« to another, and don't give yourself time to enjoy it. Gouda is a nice city to wander around for an hour, and visit the wonderful church. But you can't because you have to rush to Delft to do a pottery tour. You won't see anything of Delft, because you have to rush to the Keukenhof. You should at least skip Aalsmeer, to give yourself some time in Gouda before the cheese market starts. Give yourself at least one more hour in Delft, before moving on to the Keukenhof (which probably will be very, very crowded).

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You could drive that route in a day but it would not be fun. Driving in the Netherlands is difficult due to a variety of factors including traffic, bicycles and parking. You would have less than an hour to see each site. Plus Gouda has more than just the cheese market. The same is true for each of your stops.

Slow down and smell the flowers :-) literally. :-)

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I would limit my day to Aalsmeer, Delft and Keukenhof.

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Thanks for all advise. As advised, I'll be at aalsmeer early morning and be at kuekenhof by 08.30 am, before it gets crowded.
After kuekenhof, w will decided on afternoon trip - either delft or gouda.

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It could easily take 20 minutes from your parking space at Keukenhof to the main road 1/4 mile away. I agree with the previous posts. Even the Flower auction has spacious catwalks that allow you to stroll around view the collection and shipping of the goods, and a snack bar. Are you planning any meals this day, or have you stuffed your bag with non-perishable food? Why bother going to Delft if you only have an hour there?

Are you sleeping at the airport, or do you have a flight layover from which you will be sleepy and unable to enjoy these sites?

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Tim, Thanks for the info. I'll be having food from cafe or restaurants on the way. I'm staying at Schiphol Airport hotel. Only on one day I have rent a car for sightseeing in the south. Other days already planned for Amsterdam and other northern Netherlands

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I cannot understand why anyone would want to spend a day like this. Is it doable? Maybe. Is it practical? Probably not. Is it a good way to spend a day? Hell no!

Pick one or maybe two destinations tops. Consider using trains/buses instead of renting a car.

Travel isn't about seeing as much as possible. It is about making the most of what you see.