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3 Full Days in Amsterdam - Museum tickets or passes

We want to visit three specific museums, one each day (we spend several hours in a museum if possible so one a day is enough); Plan on the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh and the Hetsceepvaartmuseum (maritime museum). Looked at the various pass options on Google. Three individual tickets (available on line) seems to be the best bet and the deal breaker was being able to pick a specific day & time for the Van Gogh museum. We're renting an apartment which furnishes us with bikes so transportation is already pretty much covered (coming in on a ship and training in to central). We always buy a Paris Museum Pass which works wonderfully so I'm concerned I might be making a mistake in not buying one in Amsterdam. Thoughts and experiences?

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Buying advance tickets on each museum's web site seems like just as good a way to skip ticket-buying lines. (I encountered no line for the Rijksmuseum last year, but that was at the end of October.)

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as with any pass, crunch the numbers to see if it works out.

happy trails.

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The Museumkaart we bought last year for Amsterdam also covered many other venues throughout the Netherlands, so if your plans include time outside of Amsterdam it could be a good certainly was for us. Also, it is good for one year. On the day we went to the Van Gogh museum, there were huge lines. I flashed my card at an attendant nearby, and he ushered us though a door in ten seconds flat. It was May Day, liberation day weekend, and the rapid admission was suspended at the Rijks , but that, we were told, was not typical and due to the truly gigantic crowds during that period. The website is easy to navigate and clearly delineates all inclusions. Another thing we liked about this pass and others...often we found ourselves passing sights included on the card, not infrequently places we had not known about. So it was fun to be able to drop in and check it out...we saw more than we had planned and enjoyed it a lot.