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1st class or 2d class NS train cars in the Netherlands. How are they identified?

Does anyone know how 1st and 2d class NS train cars are identified from the outside? Are they marked 1 or 2? I'm often a confused traveler, and like to know as much as I can before I travel. I am taking a number of train trips from city to city within the Netherlands and this information would be helpful to me. Thank you.

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On the outside and on the inside the cars are clearly marked with a 1 or 2. In addition you can check the color of the seats; seats in 1st class are red, seats in 2nd class are blue.

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be aware that some cars have a section of each in it. Just look for the huge number 2 or 1 near or on the door and get in one with your number. You can also walk within the train from section to section.

(this is true for trains in other countries too)

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Traditionally in Europe 1st class is indicated with a yellow strip. But because the NS uses yellow as a base colour they always used a blue strip. In the picture posted by Badger you can see that: Look at the thin blue strip on part of the 2nd and the 3d cars.
That is where 1st class is.