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Keukenhof Gardens

Through my other question I received several recommendations to visit Keukenhof Gardens since I will be in Amsterdam early May. It looks beautiful, but I have a few questions. What is the best way to get there and back? Also, is it something you can see in a few hours, or do you really need to spend the whole day there? I ask because this is my first trip to Amsterdam and I will only be there for 3 nights, so I am wondering if this would be the best use of my time.
I appreciate your advice!

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"Also, is it something you can see in a few hours," Yes, if you get there early and hit the indoor displays first. By mid-day, the place can get pretty packed, particularly inside the pavillions.

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To get to the gardens take a train from Centraal Station to Schipol Airport and then a special shuttle bus direct to the gardens. You can but a combo ticket which includes admission to the Gardens and the bus fare at the official site which you can print out, or at the tourist info office at the airport.

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I was wondering the same as Ana...
I've been to Keukenhof in '80s during the same week in late April. I would like to go again with my DH. It's a're in Holland during tulip time, right? We only have 2 nights, pre cruise but I'm trying to sqeeze it in.

You don't need more than 2-3 hours there, IMHO. They are open til 19:30.
I've read that later in the day could be better for beating the crowds and for better photo lighting. I'm a little nervous about taking the train, then the bus and wondering whether it's the right bus, times I am regretfully considering the cowardly, more expensive option of a day tour.
I've personally navigated us as DYI-ers for 2 weeks in Italy, and a week in Paris, so I'd imagine I can do it for The Netherlands, too.

Is there specific information as to exactly where to purchase the combo ticket at the airport? Which bus route/no?

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I think I am about to answer my own question:
I think I was over-stressing over it. This seems pretty easy. When flying into Amsterdam I will scope out the Keukenhof Express bus locale so I'll be familiar the next day. I wish we could go directly from airport on arrival day to avoid back-and-forth, but we'd be at the mercy of jet-lagg. I wonder if there is luggage storage? (only a carry-on each) Hmmm? could be tempting.

There are comfortable and convenient public transport links to Keukenhof. Simply take the Keukenhof Express from Schiphol Plaza or Leiden Central Station. The bus takes you directly to the main entrance within half an hour! With 4 to 12 buses every hour, you will never have to wait too long.
From Amsterdam, you can use bus number 197 (Museumplein or Leidseplein) to reach Schiphol Plaza, where you can take the Keukenhof Express (bus 858) to Keukenhof.
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**Combitickets can also be purchased from the following sales points:
VVV/Ticketshop Amsterdam Central Station
Opposite Amsterdam Central Station, in the Noord-Zuid Hollands Koffiehuis
AKO shop in Amsterdam Central Station
Arriva Schiphol at the Keukenhof Express bus stop
The bus stop is at the side entrance to Arrivals Hall 4, near Starbucks
VVV/Ticketshop Schiphol (Holland Tourist Information)
Schiphol Airport, Arrivals Hall 2, at Schiphol Plaza
Visitor Centre Leiden / Arriva Store
Stationsweg 41 in Leiden (opposite the front entrance of Leiden Central Station)
AKO shop, Leiden Central Station

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"...I'm a little nervous about taking the train, then the bus and wondering whether it's the right bus, times etc..."

There are trains from Centraal Station to the Airport every ten minutes or so. At the airport it's impossible to miss the bus. The bus stops are located just outside the main entrance, the bus to the gardens is the first bay, and it will say "Keukenhof" on top. Can't miss it and there will be uniformed reps from the gardens to point you in the right direction.

Simply purchase the combo ticket at the official website ant print out the ticket at home. More info here:

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I think it's a good idea to see it right after you arrive from your flight(I've done it myself), the fresh air and walking will be good for your jet lag. There are lockers at the gardens. They are free, but you will need a one euro coin to release the key, you get they coin back when you unlock. In addition there are lockers in the public area of the airport but they are pricier.

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Michale Snider, last year they changed the departing place of buses to Keukenhof to the westernmost entrance to the main hall, one that most people don't even know about.

They had a kiosk selling Combi tickets there at the same place.

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We took the #197 from Leiden Plaza - to the airport last early May - and then walked a short distance to the Keukenhof Gardens bus. It was very easy to find. The tulip displays and gardens are wonderful and since you are there in May - you won't regret rather than wonder. One of the highlights of our visit to Amsterdam.

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I agree with Gail. We also took the bus #197 to Schiphol Airport two weeks ago. In the main terminal, near the train tickets is a kiosk selling Combo-Tickets for 23 Euros each. Great bargain covers the bus (round trip) and park entrance and stay as long as you like. You avoid the ticket line when you arrive; they drop you off right at the entrance. Don't forget to get the park map before you enter. I was also apprehensive about the process but found it very, very easy. Remember, they want you to get there and have a wonderful day.

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I like the idea of seeing Keukenhof directly from arrival at Schipol. Since the gardens is open until 18th May, if we go, we will need to go either directly or on our first full day in AMS.